Monday, May 24, 2010

Yes yes yes..... :)

Mode: Sleepy and tired.... but happy :)

Had my breakfast already.....all pumped up to do work. Last night I slept quite my body is fingers too....been typing a lot lately because of blogging...and also because of replying so many emails....and also because of making cards....huhuhu....I need a massage.....hahahaha....

I haven't done any cycling for the past 2 weeks!!!! Yikes!! But I have been doing light exercise at home....I guess it's mainly because I'm just too tired to exercise.....especially because of the thyroid's even worse. So what I do is.....control what I eat since I haven't been exercising that much. Otherwise I will be gaining so much of weight soon. So far....I'm maintaining it.....I don't want to gain too much.....coz then all the efforts I've taken before will all go to maintain it I shall! muahahahaha :P

Maybe my readers here did not know that my handmade card blog was featured in a magazine recently.....hehehehe.....yup, I was featured in the InTrend magazine ....and even now I still have a hard time believing it......I'm so grateful about that..... :). thing though that I love about it is that.....the cover of the magazine is so beautiful! So I'm glad that I was featured at a time when Fasha Sanda and Remy Ishak is the cover of the issue....and I still can't get over how gorgeous they look in the photo shoot! Seriously.....if you look inside the gorgeous they are...they look like dolls!! I love the fact that it's about and black jeans.....that's what they were wearing throughout the photo the whole wardrobe!! My favourite color is blue....and black it's perfect! Hmmmm....I am dreaming about when I'm going to get that beautiful body like Fasha Sanda hahahahahaa.......dream on Lin!!! Dream on!!! LOL!! Check out the cover of the magazine and a small feature about me in it HERE :) Thanks!

I can't believe that it's already the last week of May! OMG! How time flies so fast! I'm getting scared.....a lot of pending orders yet to be done.....and I'm moving at such a slow pace.....trying to move faster but my aching body says no! no! no!.....but my heart and mind says yes! yes! yes!.....gotta keep moving....gotta move it move it.....hahaha.....I hope that God will give me the health and strength to carry on with work....keep my spirits high....keep me sane.... :).

Have a great day everyone! I sure will make sure I have a good one too! God willing! :)
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Grace to You said...

Hey - just wanted to tell you not to respond to the comments I left on your blogs this weekend, okay? Don't do it! :) I know you're feeling a little overwhelmed right now and the last thing I want to do is give you another thing to do.

So just breathe, make cards, and write me later when you're feeling a little more caught up.

Love ya!

Azlina Abdul said... are such a sweetheart! Thank you dear..... :) Love you too!!