Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yellow lotus flower....

After waiting patiently for a few weeks......finally we get to see the yellow lotus flower bloom today!!! Yay!! The yellow color of this lotus flower is so sweet! I'm loving it! This flower pond is my Mom's most favorite now place in her garden now.....mine too in fact! Everyday we would pay a visit and have a look at these flowers.....somehow it has a therapeutic effect on us.

We would love to keep some small fish in the flower pond but unfortunately after several trials of adding the fish in it, it seems that they will die after a few days.......those fish can't seem to tolerate the pond...I wonder's so sad.....I don't want to see anymore fish die in it. So for the time being, we will just have the lotus flowers and nothing else in this flower pond. 

This lotus flower plant was given to my Mom by her was so small when she first got it.....and now it's so big and there are currently a few of them in the pond. God willing with good weather and good maintenance the lotus flower plants will grow nicely and bloom more each day. What a joy it is to view them here at home :).
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nadja said...

sayer dah pun sudi kan diri ke page awak nih.. awak bila lagi nak menjenguk.. heheh cantik lotus kuning nih..

Azlina Abdul said...

Insyaallah saya singgah blog awak ye....walaupun tak tiap2 hari...tetapi kerap jugak la singgah hehehe