Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday getaway Part 2 - Durians

Durian eating time!!!! I couldn't be more excited about it! I can't remember when was the last time I ate was so long ago. So now that it's in season, I was so happy that we were invited by Uncle Perumal and Auntie Somchit to go and eat the durians at their house. It's an opportunity that I don't want to miss....... :). They have a few durian trees at their house and most of them bear fruits. It was a wonderful sight to see the durians hanging from the such a close range. :) about the simple pleasures in life! Uncle Perumal was kind enough to guide me around his fruit orchard and showed me the rambutan trees, the cempedak trees....mangoesteen trees......and lastly the durian trees.......waaaaah.....I couldn't be happier....kept shooting so many photos of the trees.....gosh, I have to go there again and take more  photos after the Eidul Fitri.....coz he said that's when most of the other trees will bear their fruits.....right now, there are only the durians....dukong....and setoi.....that's bearing fruits.

Oh no....we didn't over eat the durians.....I sure didn't....I probably had only about 5 to 6 small durian pulps. My Mom and the rest of her friends ate it with glutinous rice.....I don't really fancy eating the durian with it.....I just like eating durian as it is. The fruits are quite small in size......but the taste is really nice.....not too sweet and the pulp was quite soft. I really enjoyed it. We even got to bring back home some durians to eat......each one of us get to bring back some.... :). We plan to open the durians that we brought back home and keep the pulps in the tupperware and placed them in the freezer......that way it will be able to last longer :). And you know what? Once it stays in the freezer, you can take it out whenever you like and eat it like ice cream! LOL! I've done that before with  bigger size durian pulps.....super yummy! hehehe.... I can't wait to do that with the durians we have now.......doesn't matter if they are long as they taste nice  :)
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