Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday getaway Part 1 - White swing

My Mom and I and a few of her friends went to Pelumbang this morning for a Durian feast at Uncle Perumal and Auntie Somchit's house......they have a fruit orchard there......hehehehe.....we had a good time as always whenever we go there :). Good times like this is rare for me since all I do day in day out is work work and work. So once in a while when I get to go out and have fun, and feels great :).

I've been to Uncle Perumal and Auntie Somchit's house before.....but I didn't notice there was a swing outside their house! I was like a little kid when I saw it.....couldn't help but hop on it and swing away on that white swing......I was as giddy as a school girl! hehehe!

This sure brings back to my childhood days..... :) I wish I can stay at that house forever.......get on that swing in the morning.....and swing and swing away......bestnyerrrrrrr........gosh....I wish I had one of these at home!!!!!
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