Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Panic attack!!!!

I'm having a panic attack right now...........my aunt is coming down from KL tomorrow and the house is in a mess!!!! My working room especially is in a huge mess!! I gotta a huge basket full of laundry yet to be washed. I don't usually get so nervous like this unless there is a cleanliness freak coming over to the house hahahaha!

I'll have to speed up the process and clean up as fast as I can today or else!!! Be prepared to have my ears bleed from constant nagging from the cleanliness freak aunt...LOL!! Seriously.....I love her....but, can't stand the constant yapping about how things should and should not be......I've got enough problems to handle and the last thing I want to hear is about how to manage the house. :P

My Mom and I are both having panic attacks right now and we tend to feed ourselves with comfort food to calm our nerves down...LOL! For me it would definitely be something that is chocolate related.... :P Anything with chocolates in it......hmmmmmmm........will have to take another dosage of chocolate after this......I get the attacks once in every 2 hours...... :P Ciao! I'm off to "chocolatize" myself!
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Asma' Ahmad said...

hihi.. kak lin.. it reminds me of our kaklong.. each time she wanna go home, hatta belakang almari pun we should check it out.. kadang2 rs mcm dah kemas.. tp ad lagi yang tak kene.. hadooi.. but yes, we still love them :) ♥

mangosteenskin said...

hahahahahahahaaa...lawak betul lah post ni! terhibur membacanya.

Azlina Abdul said...

Asma' hahahha.....you pun ada gak cleanliness freak in the family ek?? samalah kitaaaaaa huhuhuhu

hahahaha Mango....takut wooooo kalau ada someone in the family like that....serammsssss....hahahaha