Sunday, May 30, 2010

No mood....

No mood at all to work......I only have mood to play :P

Feel a little stress realizing that later today I have to go and help my Aunt clean her new home......a lot of cleaning to do before tomorrow coz tomorrow we plan to have a "kenduri doa selamat".......a lot of people are coming over to read know's the usual thing we do when we move in to a new place.

I went to see her new house this's been quite sometime since I last visited the place....a lot has been done in the past few days......the house is almost completed. There are a lot of people over there now....technicians....painters......etc etc......the house now is looking more and more cuter much of difference from the original look. Now the house looks more cozy.....cuter.....and much much more comfortable to move in to. I'm sure my Aunt just can't wait to move in and decorate the rest of the house.

There won't be any mangkuk tingkat delivery's a holiday here today in Alor Setar.....because of Wesak Day. :) So I guess we have to think of some other thing to eat for lunch today hehehe. Yesterday my Mom went to renew her mangkuk tingkat service.....and my Aunt wants to join in as we are still taking it for June.....but we are not planning to take the 2-3 people package.....we are going to stick with the 1-2 people package hehehhe....CHEAPER :D. And we can add our own dishes if the portion is not enough.

This is the menu for June's mangkuk tingkat services.......but we won't be taking the prawns and times when there is prawns and squids....the tauke will exchange it with fish or meat instead. Thank god! hehehe! I'm so glad it's working out well. :) If anyone in Alor Setar is interested in ordering the mangkuk tingkat food, do contact the tauke at the below address and contact number :).

Hajjah Saliza
7Seven Group of Companies,
6A-7A Medan Selera Mergong,
Taman Wira,
Jalan Sultanah Sambungan,
05150 Alor Setar,
Kedah Darul Aman.
013-4231180 / 012-5926657

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jedalerihati said...

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btw, nice site !

Azlina Abdul said...

Thank you! Will visit you back! :)