Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mangkuk tingkat delivery!

It's confirmed! We have decided to take this mangkuk tingkat catering service in the end.......hehehehe! After much discussion with my Mom we finally came to a conclusion that this is the best thing for us now since both of us are just too busy to be cooking all day. We are also kinda sick and tired of buying food from stalls or fast food or whatever food there is out there we just picked up the phone and made that call to this mangkuk tingkat catering service I blogged about in my earlier post. 

Since it's our first time ordering from this caterer, who is by the way a close friend of my Mom, we decided to try it out for a month.....see how it goes....see how the food tastes like......yummy or not yummy......worth it or not worth it so to speak. If we are super happy and super satisfied with the food, then we just might continue this for months to come. I was thinking......this would be great for the fasting month!!! Because at that time....I'm quite sure I'll be too lazy and too tired to cook anything this mangkuk tingkat food would be great for us. :)

Well, after having this (the food you see above) for lunch Mom and I thought that the food was quite good....quite tasty indeed. One thing good about the food is that there is NO MSG added in any of the food they prepare in their menu. The chicken is antibiotic injection that is good since I have allergies to chicken. The only thing that we had to cook is the rice....hehehe.....they do provide rice if we request for it but we have to add another RM1 if I am not mistaken. So since only the two of us are eating this for lunch, we decided to take the cheapest offer they had in their package....which is the 1 or 2 person package. That means that the food they send us are enough to feed 1 or 2 people. The minute I looked at the food I told my Mom....Mom...this is not going to be enough for the two of looks so little....LOL! My Mom said the same thing as well......but as I ate it, I felt that it was enough. So typical of me....I always think that the food is not enough when I'm so hungry......hehehehe. I think the food portion is just nice. So there will definitely be no left overs. Quite balanced actually. 

So now, there is less tension in the house because now we have lunch served for us every day hehehehe! What a difference it will make in days and months to come! One less menu to think we only have to deal with breakfast and dinner.....which is the easiest ones to handle and less mess in the kitchen hehehe!! Hope all will be good after this. :)
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Noor Faridah said...

haha...nice post...we had this mangkuk tingkat delivery once upon time...wen my mother was admitted few years we ordered tis for 3 months plus and to tell the tuth the food was awesome! and jimat as well...we ordered the portion for 5 ppl =)

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Waa...this is the first time I heard about this.

nadja said...

wah wah sedap nyer tengah malam nengok agak lapar rasanyer.. eheheh .. salam perkenalan..

Faris said...

delivery ke ipoh boley..?? hehehehe
dah lama tak makan makanan dlm mangkuk tingkat.. teringat arwah mama i..

mangosteenskin said...

the food looks great Lin! I'm so happy for both of you, hopefully servis yg baik berterusan dan kualiti makanan pun terjaga.

But there was chicken and fish served in one meal kan? Me and hubby had been practising not to mix fish and meat (chicken/beef/lamb) or fruit+milk since last year. We read it in some notes yang diedar oleh rakan2 di masjid, that it's not good for our health. I didn't notice the difference but hubby says he felt quite healthier, dah kurang lemas2 badan katanya. Me...mungkin jg makin sehat la...see...makin gemuk. hahahahaha.

Kat sini tak ada servis mangkuk tingkat, kalau ada mungkin mango pun dah melanggan (kalau sedap la). hihi.

Azlina Abdul said...

Noor Faridah....convenient isn't it? Yes, it is convenient for situations like what you had to go through, like when someone is admitted in the hospital.... and to make it easier for those caretakers or patient to eat, this type of service is best.

Willie...first time eh? Well, it's been around for a long long time already....hehehe...probably it's not a popular thing at where you are staying....perhaps that's why you have never heard of it. But it's nice no? :)

Nadja....salam pengenalan to you too! Yup...looking at the food makes me hungry too! LOL!

Faris...rasanya depa nih takdak servis kat Ipoh hehehe....why you tengok mangkuk tingkat ni and teringat kat your late Mama? Dia pernah wat servis ni ka? Mesti dia pandai masak kan?? huhuhu...Mak punya masakan memang always the best one!

Mango...I pun don't like to mix eating fish and meat at the same time. Lagi pun I cannot eat chicken...I'm allergic to it. So I ate the fish and my Mom ate the chicken. I penah juga dengar pasal what you read tu....and I believe it is a good practice :)I hope all goes well with this mangkuk tingkat service. We'll see la how it goes after one month. Sekurang2nya ianya membantu sedikit sebanyak dalam hal masak memasak nih hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Boleh tumpang tanyak tuan blog,

makanan dr mangkuk tingkat sampai panas2 lagi atau kena perangat sendiri?

saya berminat takut puasa tak sempat masak nanti

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...


Errmm...kekadang panas, kekadang tak....depends jugak laa. So ada masanya yg kami kena juga perangat. Tapi tak selalu la...sebab most of the time mangkuk tingkat yg sampai masa lunch time tu memang masih panas. :)

Anonymous said...

Cepatnye you reply. Thanks!

Ok la tu rasanya, selesailah masalah saya balik kerja lambat bulan puasa next month. Terima kasih yea Cik Lin

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

You are welcome! :)