Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mangkuk tingkat delivery Part 18

Yayyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Today's mangkuk tingkat menu has two fish dishes!! Yes! Yes! Yes! The mangkuk tingkat tauke actually listened to us!!! Just yesterday my Mom called her up and told her that she wanted more fish in the menu and we got what we wanted today! See?? Constant pleas really did the job hahahhaa......if we persists and keep giving them feedback......one day they will listen to our needs.... :)

My Mom and I did discussed about it and she conveyed to the tauke what our requests were. And today the tauke managed to satisfy our requests. I'm so happy about it!! :). Now that they know what we can and cannot eat, I really hope that we will be able to enjoy the mangkuk tingkat menu more. The tauke understands that not everyone can consume what they serve. Especially if the people eating it are old folks........with health problems etc etc. So it's not suitable for them. My Mom is given the permission from the tauke to think of what type of dishes that would be suitable for us to eat on a daily basis. She is to present it to the tauke to consider. The tauke said we must get the green light from the chef herself. So if the chef agrees to cook a separate menu for us......then we might consider taking the mangkuk tingkat delivery again next month. My Mom just cannot tolerate eating seafood every other day......it's bad for her health. And I don't want her to get sick because of this either. So I really hope all will work out well.

My Mom told me that she really likes this mangkuk tingkat service....I mean....who doesn't??? I love it too......hahahaha.....simply because I now have more time during the morning and afternoons to concentrate on my work. I no longer have to spend hours in the kitchen fixing lunch with my Mom. It's so convenient! Plus....the food are so tasty! Sometimes even better than the ones we buy outside at the food stalls or small restaurants. Seriously! AND.....it's cheap! We save time and money and energy! :)

We suggested to the tauke.......to consider making food that are more suitable for old folks and people with health problems to eat.......like for instance......food that are grilled instead of fried......more soup dishes....more vegetable dishes.....and also fish...at least 3 out of the 5 times, we would like to have fish in the menu. We can take the chicken on the other 2 days. I'm sure many of my Mom's friends who are single....living alone in the house would love to take this order if the tauke is willing to cater the needs of the old folks......believe me.....there are many people out there who are old and are tired of cooking everyday. They want to use their time for something more meaningful. So if the tauke can realise this issue.....perhaps they can get more customers. :) There is certainly a demand for it......and hopefully the tauke is willing to supply! :)

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