Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mangkuk tingkat delivery Part 16

It's mangkuk tingkat delivery again today.....after a two day we are served with nasi ayam! Yummy! For those who have no idea what "nasi ayam" means....chicken rice! hehehe!'s rice cooked in chicken stock and eaten with fried chicken with fish ball soup and some soya and chili sauce. Mouth watering.....drool.....heheheh..... :). 

I can't believe we managed to eat all of it during lunch time alone.....none left for was so tasty....we couldn't help ourselves but finish it all up! hahahaha....I only ate the fried chicken with the rice and chili Mom helped finished up the fishball soup since I couldn't eat that one. I don't mind eating this everyday......SERIOUSLY! LOL!

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