Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mangkuk tingkat delivery Part 13

Hmmmmm.....hehehehe.....today's mangkuk tingkat menu has a twist! Can you see at the photo above? Look closely at the small plastic ware that has the sambal belacan in it. I can't believe that they pasted on it "BEKAS TOLONG BAGI BALIK"  ahahahhahahaha! LOL! I never knew that we were supposed to give back those plastic wares to them after using it. So I got a shock when I saw that note! My Mom said it's ok since she kept all of it since day one. We never throw the plastic wares away after we use it. So tomorrow we will be giving back to them all 13 of them! Hah...ambik kau....hehehehehe.....

So what can I eat today from this mangkuk tingkat? Well.......I was only able to eat the beef cooked with soya sauce.....actually I'm not allowed to eat anything that has soya sauce....but I ate it anyways.....I carefully spoon the beef and made sure not to take the sauce that much. The soup looked yummy but since they put fish balls and fish cakes in it, so I can't eat it. The fish they served today was ikan kembung again......so it's another no no for me. Haiyaaaa......it's hard when you can't eat this....and you can't eat that.....but....I just choose which is the lesser evil for me and then pejam mata and telan je laaaaa hehehehe......the beef was nice....the meat was so tender :).

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Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Uh...nice...hahaha jgn lupa bagi balik yer?

Azlina Abdul said...

hahahaha.....yup....must give back or else god knows what they will do hahahahahaha!