Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hindi movies.....

Last night after watching.....errrr I can't remember what I watched on TV last night hahahaha...... but after watching whatever it was I was watching, I switched channels and I came to channel Astro Prima.....and  at the time there was this show called Rentak Bollywood on it and it just started a few minutes. I've never watched it before so I stayed on to watch it. The host was Awal Ashaari.....he was a good host...quite fun though the way he handled the show. :)

But what I'm trying to share here is about Hindi movies in general.......you see, I used to be a great fan of Hindi movies long time ago. In fact I was so in love with Hindi movies including adoring the actors and actresses as well. Adored them like crazy I tell you! I even memorize the songs.....the screenplay....the dances.....I know almost all the names of the actors and actresses. But somehow since a couple of years ago, the love for Hindi movies just died down. It's so weird because suddenly I just can't stand watching them anymore.  Overdose perhaps?? So when I watched Rentak Bollywood last night I just couldn't stop laughing looking at those music videos. Now I understand why my Mom can't stand watching them. She would laugh at me and my sis when we were crazy about watching them long time ago. And we would get so angry whenever she made fun of us about it. But now I get it why she feels that way coz I feel the same way too. hehehehe.

If you ask me now about the latest updates on Hindi movies.....I can't even tell you.....because I've stopped keeping track of them. In fact I can't even remember the actors and actresses names......I've forgotten a lot of them already. One thing though about Hindi movies is that it is always about the same old same old story.....love love love......good versus evil.....poor people versus rich people.......overly exaggerated as well.....almost ridiculous sometimes for my brain to accept. That's the storyline.....don't get me started talking about the dance choreography  in the movies......the dancing....so overly exaggerated......but of course I can't say that all of the Hindi movies are like that.....there are quite a handful that are really good to watch....like Devdas, Kal Ho Na Ho and Veer Zaara which are my all time favourite Hindi movies. I'm just saying that in general, most Hindi movies are no longer fun for me to watch because of the stories that are no longer attractive......it's almost the same story but told in a different way. You get what I mean? :P Balik2 benda yang sama jugaklah......pi mai pi mai tang tu! hahahaha

When I watched Rentak Bollywood last night, I got the chance to watch the latest songs from the latest films....and my goodness!!! It's sooooooo sexy......they are getting more and more daring.....not suitable I think for the younger generation to watch......huhu. I just couldn't watch it anymore, it was really bad...the innocence of love is gone. It's more towards sexual nowadays. I was really surprised that it has gotten that far. Maybe that's what the new generation are interested in??? That's sad really. I guess if I wanna watch, I have to watch the old films.....hahahhaa.

Honestly, I loved watching Hindi movies before because of the beautiful costumes, culture, dancing and language.....it was beautiful how they told the story sometimes. The songs were definitely a major attraction. And we would watch it sometimes simply because of the songs and the dancing in it. No matter how ridiculous the story can be.....we would watch it anyways because of those things I mentioned.

I remember I had a major crush on Shah Rukh Khan.....and I would get so upset if somebody would say bad things about him. Cinta habis habisan siot!!!!! But now.......I have no feelings whatsoever when I see his face!!! How can that be???? Weird! It's like the love just disappeared........gone, just like that! I didn't even bother to watch his new film, My Name is Khan........didn't feel the excitement at all to go and watch it. Donno laaa......pelik...memang pelik. But you know what???? There is one actor who I will always be excited about........Rajni Kanth!!!! hahahaha.......He is not a Hindi actor, but he is an Tamil actor. I love Tamil movies as well......and strangely, I am still a big fan of Tamil movies. I don't mind watching it. Especially if Rajni Kanth is acting in it. LOL! :D He is a legend!

That's the thing..........it's scary.....one day I love it....and one day I find myself hating it.......I can't explain why....it just happens. :P I'd like to share here a couple of Hindi songs that I still love .....enjoy! :)

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Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Bollywood....yeahza...I used to love it too. But now, just like you...I dah bosan dah. Hahaha...people change kan?

mangosteenskin said...

Hahahaha...I know what you mean. Mango pun tak tgk Hindi. Masa kecik2/masa skolah pun tengok sebab orang lain tengok. My hubby pun cakap macam tu, sekarang ni kalau tengok, rasa macam...you knowlah kan. hihi.

I agree with you, filem2 hindi yang terbaru semakin lama semakin daring. Semakin hilang ciri2 ketimuran.

mango rasa kalau nak tengok hindi/certain drama indon/melayu tak perlu guna otak...layan perasaan saja cukup. Nak nak kalau sampai hanyut dibawa perasaan, itulah yang akan menjayakan movie/drama tersebut.

Azlina Abdul said...

Willie...yes...people do change....I think I've changed a lot too....I can tell that I have changed a lot over the pass 6 months...it's inevitable... :)

Mango...true...no need to use much of the mind when watching Hindi movies...kalau nak chill..lepak2..leh la tgk...sekadar hiburan semata2... :)