Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gemilang Burger

This is what I had for dinner at 6.30pm today ;). I think this is the 3rd time I had this Gemilang burger this year....hahahaha.......I tell you....this burger is so sinful!!! Packed with lots and lots of now that fat has join the rest of the fat at my tummy...LOL! 

Don't you just love burger wrapped with eggs? Yummy! This double chicken burger can be found nearby a restaurant at Medan Kota, Jalan Kota Tanah, Alor Setar....and the burger stall is called Gemilang Burger. It's so famous for it's double chicken burger and double plate (it's something like chicken chop if I'm not mistaken). I've never tried the double plate before.....hmmmmmm......must try it next time! :) The burger only costs RM3.70.....not bad ya the price? Better eat this than eat McDonalds hehehhehehhee :)

The burger stall only opens in the evenings......starting around 5.30pm till late at you can't get them for lunch ya! hahahaha...... ;)
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Monalea said...

sedapnya lin.mintak cikit. tq g kat blog saya

Azlina Abdul said...

Mai la Alor Setar....I belanja you burger gemilang hehehehe..... ;)