Thursday, May 13, 2010

Do your best and let God handle the rest......

My Mom and I went to the coffee shop this morning after making a stop at the post office to pay the bills and delivering my customer's card orders. We decided to try the tosei there......we each had 2 tosei and I also ordered teh tarik it....and my Mom as usual just ordered hot water  :) After finishing up our tosei and drinks, my Mom said she wanted to try the roti canai I quickly went to ask the Indian guy to pack some roti canai for us to take away. Then at that moment I saw the roti canai man making the roti canai tempting!!! I couldn't resist it and asked him to pack that for me as well.......but when the guy who was packing the roti canai for me wanted to take that roti canai telur, the roti canai man got upset with him. He wouldn't let the guy pack it for me because he said that roti canai telur is for someone that means I would have to wait for him to make another one for me. But then, I can't wait......I am in a hurry and I want that roti canai telur my head, I thought.....why can't he just make another one for the other person who is still eating there......and since I'm about to leave  the coffee shop already.....he should just give it to me....right? But if he didn't want to, then it's ok.....then I'll just take the plain roti canai.....I don't really mind.

But the guy packing the roti canai got upset with the roti canai him, customer is always he said something in Tamil to that roti canai guy and took the roti telur and packed it with the other roti canai that I requested. Then he said something to me in Malay which I don't understand......he was mumbling it to me.....bla bla bla.....urrrrggghhhhh I don't understand at all what he was trying to tell me.  But by the looks of his body language and the tone of his voice.....I could tell that he was trying to tell me how frustrated he is with the roti canai man......hahahaha.......I just couldn't help but smile.....and nodded a few times at him as if I understood his frustrations. At this time, the roti canai man got worried looking at us.....he quickly asked me what the guy said to me......I just smiled at him and made signals at him showing that I don't understand at all what that guy was telling me......then the roti canai man went and asked the guy what he said to me......but the guy didn't respond at all....and made a "merajuk" look on his face to that roti canai man hahahahaha........then after he finished packing my roti canai.....he  continued to mumble again his frustrations about the roti canai man to me......and again I smiled and showed that I understood his frustrations and sympathize  what he is going through hahahaha........gosh that was so crazy funny!!!! 

It's so funny how this kinda thing always happen to me. I always get this kinda scenario whenever I meet strangers. Maybe it's my face.....I donno....but strangers always like to confide their problems to's so funny.....I mean...I don't even know them....but it's so easy for them to tell me things.....I never ask....all I did was just look at them.....and suddenly they just start to tell me everything......hmmmm.....maybe I should have been a psychiatrist or counselor or something related to it since people are so comfortable telling me about their problems and frustrations. They always have that look on their face as if I understand their feelings....that I can somehow help them ease their pain or whatever it is they need. It's funny since I need the help myself....hahahahahaha.!!! But in a way I think it's great that people are comfortable when they are with's a good feeling. I just wish that I could help them more.....coz I don't think I have what it takes to help people with all of their problems ....... Errrrmmmm......I guess, the best thing to do is just be myself and be as helpful as I can, the best way I know how.....even though it's just a little long as they are happy with it......that's good enough for me :) Do the best I can and let God handle the rest.....right???? ;)
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