Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A divine intervention??

Stressed to the highest level today.....and also for the past few days....but managed to control myself. But today, this afternoon to be exact, I just lost it. I felt so down.....just wanna break into tears.....coz I couldn't finish doing a customer's order. Believe it or not.....she ordered these three items from me last was something that I've never done before....a bit different from my handmade obviously it's not a's more like all those things about a person combined into one page. So three people.....three pages of each of them. And I just couldn't do it......tried so hard.....and failed numerous times. I did so much of between orders and other duties. I gave her so much of excuses why I couldn't finish and again and again she gave me the extra time. I've never known a customer so patient as she is. I was so moved when she gave me the chance again today. I couldn't help but cry when I read her email........really cried. :(  I was so speechless.......

I suppose when you are honest with your customer......tell them the truth about what's going on with you, explain why you couldn't do it.....and then you pray to God that she would understand......but you never thought that she really would......and when she did, that's when I felt so bloody blessed. Beyond blessed.....a divine intervention perhaps.....I donno....all I know is that I really want to make it work for this wonderful's do or die this time's your choice to make! :I
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mangosteenskin said...

betul tu lin. customer2 mango pun selalu bagi extra time untuk mango siapkan tempahan mereka. Kalau ikutkan hati, sejurus sj dapat order, mango nak terus concentrte untuk siapkan tapi tulah, terpaksa berbagi masa untuk komitmen2 lain. bila nak buat, badan dah tak terlarat dah. sedar2 je, dah berbulan berlalu. Kadang2 dah sampai level yg kita nak give up, tp bila customer pulak yg bagi semangat, secara tak langsung macam ada harapan baru.

kdg2 mango terfikir, sedangkan kalau mango beli something online pun mesti tak senang duduk, x sabar2 tunggu order tu sampai...nikan pula berbulan...sangat kagum dgn customer yg betul2 sabar...dan terharu juga sbb it shows that there are people out there yg really2 appreciate our art. And that we must never give up and must go on.

go for it lin! i know u can do it!

Azlina Abdul said...

Ye la Mango...Lin rasa patah semangat laa..huhuhu....Lin rasa macam tak reti nak buat....feel so bad huhuhu...kekadang rasa macam nak pulangkan balik duit dia. Tapi bila dia sendiri kasi semangat and is willing to give me ideas too, that helps me a lot in giving me the confidence to do it my best. Sometimes we are lucky to get customers like this. Rasa bersyukur sangat2....terharu sangat2. Thank you pun banyak kasi I semangat utk berjuang lebih lagi! All the best always to you!!!