Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Cucur kodok

Last week one of my Mom's banana tree collapse due to the strong wind and heavy rain at our house. This kind of thing usually happens when there is a bunch of bananas that's already grown so big is hanging from the tree....this gives it a lot of weight, so when there is strong wind and heavy rain, the tree will bend and in the end collapse on the ground. At the time it collapse, the bananas was still green and not yet ripen. So after waiting for a week, the whole bunch has ripen and ready to be made into "pisang goreng or goreng pisang" and "cucur kodok" and "lempeng pisang" :). Yesterday we had pisang goreng for breakfast........forgot to take photos of that...hehehehe.....and this morning since the bananas are too ripe to make pisang goreng......so we mashed it and made cucur kodok instead. We plan on making lempeng pisang for tea time this afternoon if possible. :)

I'm telling you......making our own pisang goreng or cucur kodok or lempeng pisang from our own banana tree somehow taste so much better than the ones we buy from the stalls. Plus, it's the flour mixture that's most important.....in my opinion that is. Because we would always be generous and make sure that it tastes great for our palate.....while most of those stall operators are only doing it for the profit. The pros and cons about making it yourself is that you tend to eat more of it!!!! hahahha!! If you buy.....you would not buy so many....coz then it would cost a lot! I'm not sure how many cucur kodok I ate this morning but I'm pretty sure it was more than 15 pieces....LOL! And I'm not sure how many pisang goreng I had yesterday but I'm pretty sure it was a lot too! My Mom is the type who does not know how to make it in small portions.......there is always a lot of it on the table! Bila makan tu, biar puas hati katanya....hehehehehe. Urrrggghhhh...... feel a little guilty now......coz I know it's not good for me eating a lot of oily food. But I ate it anyways because it tastes so good! Can't help it! Oh well, what is done is done.....I better cycle more tomorrow and do more push ups! LOL!!

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nadja said...

boleh ker buat cekodok pakai pisang hijau.. tak masam ker.. hermmmm

Azlina Abdul said...

Nadja...my Mom and I tunggu seminggu sampai pisang tu masak betul2(tukar warna kuning) baru lah kami wat pisang goreng dan cucur kodok hehehe...I did mention about it in my post :)