Monday, May 31, 2010

Kenduri doa selamat

Phew! What a day!! I'm literally forcing myself to write an entry right now about what happened today.....even though I'm so sleepy and exhausted right now.... I thought to hook or by crook I gotta blog about it or else the feeling I'm feeling now won't be the same by tomorrow.....hehehehe.  So I have to release it now ;).

Very early this morning my Aunt, Mom and I had to prepare the new house and my Mom's house for a kenduri doa selamat. We still had to do some cleaning here and there at both houses to make sure everything was in order. Since my Aunt's new house is just a few meters away from my Mom's house we were able to do it at both places. The doa selamat at my Aunt's house and the kenduri at my Mom's house.We had to quickly get things done before the guests arrives at 9.30am.

Basically I had to take the day off from work today to help my Mom and Aunt with all this. Everything that's related to my work had to be put on hold for at least half the day. I thought that the kenduri will be over by 1.00pm, instead it ended for us around 4.00pm...... as usual, when it comes to things like this, it tends to extend beyond our plans. I was only able to have lunch at then I was famished! I felt like my feet was going to body was aching all over.

We feel so blessed that a lot of people contributed to this kenduri. Most of my Mom's friends pitched in and provided a lot of kuih muih, fried meehoon, kerabu mangga, mineral water.....some even gave money. What a blessing! Everybody wanted to give and give. We really didn't expect to get so much. We were so happy that the guests had plenty to eat. No food was wasted as all that was not finished, were given away to guests and friends. The food was marvelous by the way. A special thanks to Faiz's Catering services.....hmmm too bad I didn't take photos of the food. I was kinda shy to do so in front of the guests hahahaha.

My Aunt also received a house warming gift from my Mom's friend......which I thought was super nice because it was handmade. You know how much I love handmade stuff!! hahaha.... It was a patchwork table table cloth for a square table. I adore it so much! Love the colors! Thank you Auntie Somchit for being such a sweetheart! What a lovely thought to make a table cloth as a housewarming gift!

My Aunt also received a bouquet  flowers from my Mom's "anak angkat" Nick.......thank you so much Nick for being such a sweetie!

I would like to thank all who has helped make this event a  successful one!! We all really appreciate it very much from the bottom of our hearts! God bless all of you!!!
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Sunday, May 30, 2010

No mood....

No mood at all to work......I only have mood to play :P

Feel a little stress realizing that later today I have to go and help my Aunt clean her new home......a lot of cleaning to do before tomorrow coz tomorrow we plan to have a "kenduri doa selamat".......a lot of people are coming over to read know's the usual thing we do when we move in to a new place.

I went to see her new house this's been quite sometime since I last visited the place....a lot has been done in the past few days......the house is almost completed. There are a lot of people over there now....technicians....painters......etc etc......the house now is looking more and more cuter much of difference from the original look. Now the house looks more cozy.....cuter.....and much much more comfortable to move in to. I'm sure my Aunt just can't wait to move in and decorate the rest of the house.

There won't be any mangkuk tingkat delivery's a holiday here today in Alor Setar.....because of Wesak Day. :) So I guess we have to think of some other thing to eat for lunch today hehehe. Yesterday my Mom went to renew her mangkuk tingkat service.....and my Aunt wants to join in as we are still taking it for June.....but we are not planning to take the 2-3 people package.....we are going to stick with the 1-2 people package hehehhe....CHEAPER :D. And we can add our own dishes if the portion is not enough.

This is the menu for June's mangkuk tingkat services.......but we won't be taking the prawns and times when there is prawns and squids....the tauke will exchange it with fish or meat instead. Thank god! hehehe! I'm so glad it's working out well. :) If anyone in Alor Setar is interested in ordering the mangkuk tingkat food, do contact the tauke at the below address and contact number :).

Hajjah Saliza
7Seven Group of Companies,
6A-7A Medan Selera Mergong,
Taman Wira,
Jalan Sultanah Sambungan,
05150 Alor Setar,
Kedah Darul Aman.
013-4231180 / 012-5926657

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Gemilang Burger

This is what I had for dinner at 6.30pm today ;). I think this is the 3rd time I had this Gemilang burger this year....hahahaha.......I tell you....this burger is so sinful!!! Packed with lots and lots of now that fat has join the rest of the fat at my tummy...LOL! 

Don't you just love burger wrapped with eggs? Yummy! This double chicken burger can be found nearby a restaurant at Medan Kota, Jalan Kota Tanah, Alor Setar....and the burger stall is called Gemilang Burger. It's so famous for it's double chicken burger and double plate (it's something like chicken chop if I'm not mistaken). I've never tried the double plate before.....hmmmmmm......must try it next time! :) The burger only costs RM3.70.....not bad ya the price? Better eat this than eat McDonalds hehehhehehhee :)

The burger stall only opens in the evenings......starting around 5.30pm till late at you can't get them for lunch ya! hahahaha...... ;)
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Nokia E72 & Nokia N900

Isn't this just dreamy???? I saw this new Nokia hand phone at one of the Nuffnang advertisements and I just fell in love with it. I am interested in buying a new hand phone but not now though.....perhaps I can only afford a new one next year hahahahaha.......hey.... there is no harm in dreaming about it first right?

I don't like the Blackberry......I have no idea why people love Blackberry so much...... :P. I don't like the design anyways. The key pads are too small and seems difficult to type with my fat thumbs....unlike this Nokia E72 hehehe. I've always wanted a hand phone like this where I can use for checking and replying emails....facebooking.....blogging....and surf the net as well. But mostly for blogging purposes. hehehe. This is so that if I do have to travel somewhere far, I don't have to worry about not being able to blog. I can use the hand phone to take photos of places I go to.....and whatever activities I am doing and then blog about them there and then. Cool huh? I've always wanted that kind of feature in a hand phone.

Actually there is another hand phone that I love from Nokia too......and this one is even more dreamy than E72's called the N900.
Of course I love this N900 the best.......but since the price is so bloody can actually buy a notebook with the amount of money spent for this phone hahahaha......oh well....I'll just have to wait till I am rich in order to buy this baby.......when? Only God knows laaaaa hahahahahha...... :P

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Kedah International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010

My Aunt and I went to Taman Jubli Emas, Jalan Suka Menanti, Alor Setar around 8.30 this morning to see the launching of the Kedah International Hot Air Balloon Festival 2010 which kicks off today till the 30th  of May 2010. We were suppose to reach there a lot earlier because it starts around 6.30am, but since something came up at the last minute, we couldn't go out when we were supposed to. You see, my Mom received a call from her friend early this morning saying that her mother had just passed away my Mom and my Aunt went to pay their last respect. I didn't tag along because I was late getting they went there without me. Half an hour after that... they came back home.....and my Aunt and I went straight to the festival.......she didn't even bother changing her clothes....she went there with her baju kurung  on hehehehe......and as we were about to reached there we saw most of the hot air balloons were already up in the air.

The weather was pretty hot and sunny. A great morning to for outdoor activities. :) A lot of people showed up.....we had to park our car by the road side and had a long walk to the festival area. I tell can loose about 100grams of fat from the walk alone! LOL! With the hot was like melting me away man! :P Luckily we went there in the morning.....I can't imagine being there in the afternoon. Steaming hot!

There were quite a lot of tents for retailers to sell their products and crafts too......all sorts of activities going on as well for adults and for kids. There were even those sporty recumbent tricycles for everyone to try....but you have to pay RM10.00 per ride......but it was only a 15 minutes ride.....I gave it a try and it was so much fun!!!! I had a blast!!! The instructor explained to me how to use the had a gear....from 1-8 if I am not I can control the was so cool! hehehe! I wanted to go for number one.....but he advised me not to.....he said better do 4th or 5th gear......and he was right!! It was most comfortable at that level. :)

I wish I can ride that tricycle a lot was so comfortable.....much more comfortable than riding my own bicycle hehehe..... :). But once you stop riding it, you are not allowed to quickly stand up as you might feel like you have to wait for a few minutes before getting up. I didn't know all that.....luckily the instructor warned me about it :). Otherwise I would have dropped down instantly! LOL!

Quess what we bought at the festival??? A lemon tree! ahahahhaa! I wanted to buy other lime trees....but naaaaaahhhhhh.......the lemon tree was enough was only RM10.00 per tree.....a small one which I carried in that white plastic bag. :) The lemon tree is actually for my Aunt to plant at her new house. I hope it grows fast! I can't wait to taste the lemon from our own tree! LOL!

I was so sad that I was not able to get a ride on the hot air balloon......there were just too many people waiting in line to get that ride. I couldn't stand the heat anymore.......was about to faint! So, we just took photos and left hahahahaha.......maybe we will get a ride in it next time. Actually this event ends on the 30th.....but I'm not sure if I'll get to go there again before it :(

There was also para gliding event going was so cool getting to see them shoot off from the ground.....first time for me to see it live. Before this....I would only get to see this kinda thing on TV hehehehhe....yeah I know....I have not seen much of the world I suppose....need to go out more....LOL!

 The Sultan and the Sultanah of Kedah attended this event as well......I was able to see them from afar.....his daughter the Yang Teramat Mulia Tunku Panglima Besar Dato’ Seri Tunku Puteri Intan Safinaz is the patron of this festival.  You could see a side view of him sitting on the big yellow chair ...right next to the Sultanah :) After spending quite sometime there.......we could see them leaving the festival with the patrol bikes leading the way......

Well....I sure did have a great time there this morning :). I leave this entry with this beautiful photo view of me and the paddy field nearby the festival area.....hehehe :)

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