Saturday, December 31, 2011

Last day of 2011

It's that time of the year again. Yup, the time when time stops for awhile for me and I sit back and reflect about what I've done and been through, throughout the whole year. Although I can barely remember everything right now, but I do know that it's been one hell of a ride. :)

It's the last day of 2011.....feeling kinda sad about it. Regrets I have a few. But I won't let it get to me too much. I don't want to enter the new year thinking about what I shouldn't have done. I want to keep moving forward and be the best I can be next year. 

Each year, I've learned new things. Same goes with this many new many fond memories.....bad ones too.....

I just want to remember the sweet memories I had experienced and keep on creating sweet ones for the new year. So many plans for next year and so many things to achieve.

I really hope that next year I can improve my health some more. I don't want my health problems to stop me from realising my dreams. 

InsyaAllah ......Allah will guide me and show me the way.... ;)

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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Ombak Rindu

After been hearing a lot of good reviews about this film, I decided to go and watch the film last Friday. I don't like to watch it alone so I brought someone with me hihi. It's been a while since I last watched any film at the cineplex. The last one would be Hikayat Merong Mahawangsa if I am not mistaken. Yes a another Malay movie :). 

In the spirit of supporting Malay films, off we went on Thursday but the tickets were all sold out when we got there. I was really surprised! Since I didn't want to miss it, I bought the tickets for the next day. Got good seats too. :) So on Friday we went there again! haha! 

I was all prepared to cry...hehehe.....because according to the reviews, this is a really really sad movie. It is based on a novel by Fauziah Ashari. If you watch it, you are bound to shed some tears....if not many, at least a few drops..haha. So I was all prepared for it. Packed some tissues in my bag and ready to cry my heart out. And cried a lot I did! haha! I never expected that I would cry so much in the cineplex. I thought I was able to control myself. I thought it wasn't going to be so sad. I was so wrong! I just couldn't help myself. It was inevitable! It was so SAD!!! Arrrggghhh! My eyes were all swollen at the end of the show. :D  

It's such a beautiful story. Beautifully acted by the lovely Maya Karin. I really loved her performance in this film. She really nailed the part. I can't imagine anyone else play the part. It was because of her that I cried so much.

Because of this film, now I have the interest in reading the book itself. My aunt says that she has the book. She read it years ago. Perhaps one day I'll find the time to read it. It's much more interesting to read the book because it's more complete. They can't tell the whole story in film.....not enough time to tell everything, so they simplified it. For those who have read the book, they might be disappointed when they watch the film. But for me since I've never read it before, I was quite happy with it. 

Although I didn't really like Lisa Surihani's acting in this film. I don't think she is the best person to play that character. She's just too sweet a person and too cute to be playing the part. It didn't seem real enough for me. Well, that's just my opinion. :)

I noticed that there are scenes in the film that were shot in Kedah! Yay! One was at the railway station in Alor Setar. Gosh the place looks so different in film....I almost didn't recognize it at first  hahaha. There were many scenes of the paddy fields as well......loved it :). Reminds me of home. :)

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy New Hijri Year 1433

It's been more a month....close to two months..... since I last updated anything here. Lots of things happened since my last post. Funny, but somehow I have lost the mood to post anything here. Just don't feel like writing anything much about myself here but at the same time I hate seeing this blog neglected like this for so long. It's weird to feel this way but I don't know why I just don't feel like writing or sharing much about what I do here lately. Hopefully it's just a temporary feeling. Still, I am taking this opportunity to write again right now because  I suddenly feel like it perhaps due to the fact that we are celebrating the new hijri year today :). A new spirit has arrived I beginnings.

Well, what's great so far is that my computer is back and functioning. That's good news for me as I really need it for work mostly. My handphone is alive again too. So those two problems are finally solved. :). My tooth problem got fixed late last month too. Finally. After 3 years of suffering.....last month it got really really bad that it was all swollen till down to my neck area, sleepless nights and aching all over.......finally I had to make a decision to have it pulled out. It's sad. I remember when I first had to make that kind of decision years ago and it was traumatizing. But this second time, I don't know why it's like I could accept the fact really well and move on with life. I guess it comes with age? Don't know, perhaps.......I'm just glad I was able to get a good dentist here for the job and everything went well. It didn't hurt much at all. I thank God for that.

Work wise, alhamdulillah things are getting better for me. I feel really blessed with all that Allah has given me so far. Really thankful for lots of things. It's a lot of work though....nothing comes easy. Lots and lots of hard work. Working all by myself is a real struggle but that's how I like it. It's a choice I've made and I've learnt to deal with it. When I think back......I believe that my decision to move to Kedah in 2009 was probably the best decision I've made at the time. Although I went through a lot of shit since then, I managed to get through it all. Alhamdulillah.

I remember this time last year, it was pretty bad.....with the flood and all.....and even though they said that this year, it might hit us again, so far, all is good. I've taken the necessary steps to prepare for the flood so that if it comes, I won't be so panicked like before. I'm happy that over the past few weeks, preparations for it has been done and I feel less and less worried about it, alhamdulillah. I really pray that I won't have to go through it again this year. I just don't have the energy to deal with it. It's too much to bear.

Health wise, I do feel there has been much improvements. I'm really working hard towards getting a better health but deep inside I know that something else is hindering me from achieving my goals. I believe that only Allah can help me with that. I can do my best to help myself, but at the end of the day......Allah makes all the decisions for me. Allah penentu segalanya dalam hidup ini.....kepadaNya saja saya berserah.

I would like to wish all my Muslim readers Happy New Hijri Year 1433. May this new year brings us good health, wealth, brings us closer to Allah and makes us better Muslims, insyaAllah.... :).

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Something like that

It's weird not writing here for so long. It's like as if I forgot to write my diary. The diary went missing. Well....something like that. 

I still am having problems with my PC. They still haven't fix it yet. It's funny how people who work with computers for so long tells me that they have no idea what's wrong with my PC. So bloody funny. I'm too tired to feel upset. So I just let it be for a while. I can still survive without it .....I can still carry on with work, so I carry on....if it means I have to borrow somebody's laptop or go to the internet cafe or whatever, I'll do it, as long as I get the job done. It's fine by me. I don't want to think too much about it and get a headache. I just do whatever I can. I'm trying not to complain and I hate having to explain.......I just say whatever I feel like saying and that's that....nothing more.

I'm happy that I've been quite discipline with my morning exercise lately. I haven't missed it yet so far. I'm trying to make it like a daily routine and not something that I'll do whenever I've gained a few pounds or when my clothes suddenly feels a little tight here and there. It has to be something like food or drink that  have to take everyday or I'll just won't survive the day without it. Yeah......something like that. I do feel good health has improved quite a lot the past few months. With the new medication....the exercise, the new eating habits's great! I haven't felt so good like this in years. Hopefully things will get better and better in months to come :).

I'm also happy that I got my handphone back. It came back from being coma for at least 2 weeks. I was really worried about it. But after a week I forgot all about it. I just got used to not having a phone. I guess, that's how it was.....something like that. Now that it's back, I have learned not to be so depended on it. I used to cling to it 24/7. It's the first thing I think about whenever I woke up and the last thing I see before I go to bed. It was that bad. I guess, it was a good thing that it went into coma for a least it taught me to appreciate other things in life that I was neglecting for so long and I also got to do other things without so many distractions from the hand phone. So now, all is good. :)

A lot of things happened the past few months......some are really shocking.....some are sweet surprises....and some are bad surprises.......some sad news.....some good news.......

Been so busy with work as well. So so busy. It's a different kind of busy though. Something new to me. A new thing I'm exploring in business and I like it a lot. Sometimes I like being busy......sometimes I just wanna be free. But of course I can never be free for too long. I don't have a fix income. So that's how it is....I just have to keep going as long as there is a demand.....I'll my best to supply. I'm so used to this routine that, I just can't stop. Some people say I'm a workaholic....I guess they're right. I just love doing what I do.....can't help it.

I'm saying "Hi" to October and hoping that it will bring me a lot of happiness........but September was really really sweet to me. And I'll never forget 9.9.2011..................the sweetest most sweetest day of the year. ;) was sweet like that..... ;)

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Tuesday, September 6, 2011


It's been so so so long since I last blogged here. Never seem to have the time to do so and of course one of the main reason is because I don't get to come online as often as I would like to since my computer is still down. Once in a while whenever I borrow my aunt's laptop for work I would take a short break and blog a bit and right now it's blogging time at my personal blog. :)

Ramadhan has left us and now it's the month of Syawal. We celebrated our Eidul Fitri about a week ago......even so we are still in our raya mood till today. I still feel like holidaying but I know that is not possible. I have to start work tomorrow whether I like it or not.

Since I have not been online for quite sometime, I haven't been checking my Nuffnang for over a week. What a shock I got tonight when I check the analytics! I didn't realise the number of visitors has increased tremendously! Way up to over 5800 page views and over 2000 unique visitors a day! Wow! I've never seen so many numbers at my card blog before! I got a shock! I couldn't believe my eyes! I was wondering how that happened. And where are all this visitors coming from? Amazingly.........these days, 70% of my visitors are from India! And they were googling about Teacher's Day Cards and my blog post regarding Teacher's Day cards was a hit! Who knew! :D I'm so happy about it.....because all this time the visitors were quite low at my card blog and now all of a's has increased so much. Alhamdulillah :). I think currently they are celebrating Teacher's Day there in India..... :).

Not only has the number of visitors as increased....but my weight has increased as well during the Eid.......I ate a lot of the ketupat palas.....way to many. Now I need to lose the weight I gained. Starting tomorrow I would have to increase my workout and control my diet. No more excuses. :I

A lot has happened over the past month. So many events. So many issues unresolved......

Lots of emails to reply.....lots of cards to make......lots of things to do.............feeling dizzy just thinking about it. Step by step.......will get them done....insyaAllah :)

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Keeping the spirits high

Still feeling sad about the death of my computer. I sent it to the computer shop for repairs a few days ago but there was nothing much they could do to's officially dead.... :( .But I'm keeping my spirits high. I guess from now onwards, I'll be depending a lot on my handphone and my aunt's laptop to do my work. But I know I can't keep borrowing her laptop all the wouldn't be fair on her.

Keep telling myself that it's not the end of the world............................I'll find a way to work things out somehow. Life goes on................................................................................. :(
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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Welcome Ramadhan

That time of the year is now here.....Ramadhan oh Ramadhan, you are finally here........alhamdulillah......insyaAllah I will be able to do my duties as a Muslim as well as I possibly can in this beautiful month.

I've been so busy these past few weeks, I haven't been able to update my personal blog as often as I should but today I'm taking a few minutes to do so....miss blogging here I must admit :). I still find it hard to believe that tomorrow is already 1st of August. How time flies.......been reflecting what I've been up to these past few months and I'm a little disappointed at times with my progress. But looking on the bright side and the positive side, there are improvements......a lot of improvements in some areas. Of course, I always wished that I can do better. Trying my best not to compare myself with others.......that way I won't feel so bad about myself. I can only do what I can, the best of my ability.

Problems comes and goes......some stayed over ;P......hopefully not for long. Decisions decisions......everyday there is something that I have to decide especially in business and hopefully the decisions I make are good one s that won't get me into trouble. Feel a little lost sometimes because I'm in this on my no one to go to ask for help. Just following my instincts and of course a lot of research on my own helps too.

I'm on a new medication now and alhamdulillah it seems to be working well for me. There isn't any bad side effects so far and I'm very happy with it. For the first time in so many months, I get to eat chicken and eggs again and not get allergies from it. I've forgotten how great they taste hehe! But I must not get carried away and overdose myself. InsyaAllah I won't. :).

I really hope this month Allah will grant me peace of mind and bless me with good health and more "rezeki" insyaAllah hehe......the more I get, the more I can give.....true? ;)

So goodbye July.......welcome August.....goodbye Syaaban.....welcome Ramadhan.....and happy fasting to all my Muslim readers :).

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello July bye bye June...

It's July already?? Yes Lin....yes it's already July.....I just keep telling myself that over and over again because it's simply not getting into my head yet....not yet registered. Gosh time flies so darn fast before I know it, bye bye 2011. Yes, that's how it is these days. Don't even have the time to day dream anymore. That's how precious time is now.

Ever since I got back from my vacation, I never got the chance to rest. Duuuhhhhhhhhh.....wake up Lin, your vacation is over, it's now back to work. :P Yes, how lovely that week long vacation was. I wonder when I'll get that long rest again. Perhaps during the Eid I suppose. Yes, that's when I'll get some rest. :I

I really had fun during the vacation. Especially because I get to meet my friends there :). Had nice long chats....eating good food......and of course not forgetting the shopping! Shopped for so many things but my favourite of all was shopping for craft supplies hehe. Nothing can beat that! Visiting those craft shops really inspired me. Motivated me as well. Going through craft magazines and craft books have the same effect too. I just get so excited going through them page by page and see the projects they have in it. So much fun! :) I think my most memorable moment during the vacation was when I met little Emir. He is so adorable! Getting more and more adorable! Miss this little fella!

It's my second day of fasting today. Started to fast yesterday. It's not that bad. I seem to be handling it very well I must say. :) Hope to be able to fast till Ramadhan......or until nearing Ramadhan. At least, my body will get adjusted before the fasting month. Work is affected a bit when I'm fasting....coz I get tired easily etc....but I'm not that worried about I know soon enough when the body is well adjusted to the fasting, it will be a breeze to fast insyaallah.

All I am thinking about now is when I can play. Play with my new toys and also read those books I bought and do all those projects. Must be patient and get all my work done first, then PLAY!! hehe! I want to experiment more, learn new adventurous. Be spontaneous. Be flexible. Be....just be! ;)

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Spring cleaning

I am in no mood at all to do any work right now, I just want a break from work for a while but looking at my working table I can see that there are some work left to finish up before I can take a week long vacation next week. Sigh. It's just a few more things left for me to do and then I can leave my studio behind and take that week long break I've been needing so badly for the past 2 months. 

A lot has happened the past few days. The rambutan trees are filled with bright red rambutans.....all good to eat and giveaway. We've given away a lot already and there are plenty more on the trees. I had a hard time taking the fruits from the trees because of the weaver ants on the trees. They are thousands of them! If not hundreds all over the trees. It's no fun picking the fruits from the trees anymore, not like how it used to be years ago. Not sure where did those weaver ants came from but they sure are a pest! They will bite you any chance they get! haha! I sure did got bitten many times. :) Hopefully before I go on that vacation we get to clean all the fruits from the trees and give them away before it gets too ripe and start rotting. They all have to go.

I did some spring cleaning in the house as well recently, especially in my studio. Gosh, I gotta admit, I am a hoarder. I keep too many things in my room. Things I don't even need or use anymore. I always get the feeling that I will use them one day......yes, one day.....when will that day come, I don't know, but fine day, I'll find a use for them. But that day don't come that often. So when that happens, they just stay there and fills up they room. Overcrowded. So much so that I just can't stand it anymore. I finally threw some things away and of course, I don't just throw them without thinking. Some of them I will give away to people who I feel will find them useful. Because there are stuff that are still  in good condition and can benefit others. I'm also giving away some of my old clothes. Some of them I don't even wear for years. All kept inside the cupboard just screaming to be set free. hahaha. Yes, I'll soon be setting them to live in somebody else's cupboard :D. May they be happier there. :D

Less is definitely more. I am happy with the new feel in my studio. It's less crowded. Less things to trip on. Less things to bang on. :P I have more space! Yay! Finally.....I can breathe. It was so stuffy before. But I still think I need to get rid of a lot more. There's definitely a lot more to let go. Years of hoarding can't be settled in just a few days. It needs time. 30% gone......will get rid 30% more soon. Bit by bit......they will go. Said a lot of goodbyes this week. And will find the courage to say a few more soon. It's all for the best. :)

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Saturday, June 18, 2011


This week was like a roller coaster ride with so many things going on and so many problems that came up and gave me a splitting headache. But today it all came to an end and I feel so grateful and relieved that these problem finally resolved. Phew! 

A quick update on the rambutan trees.....the fruits are ripe and ready to consume! I've been eating them every day now....but not too much coz it's heaty. So every now and then I would stop by the garden and pick some to eat. Nothing is better in my opinion than getting to eat the fruits straight from the tree. So fresh!  It's such a wonderful feeling. A blessing :).

I've just finished up a load of orders for this month and I just have one more big order to finish up before I go on a vacation. Seriously I'm so looking forward to it as I haven't gotten a break for more than a month now. Been working non stop since May. So today I  have a little time off from work to write something here and give this blog a little update on what's been happening. :).

Honestly I wish I can just stay in my studio and play play play with my "toys" and do experiments with new paper craft techniques but with all the orders coming in it's a rare occasion for me to do so. Most of the time, I will be working although sometimes it does on certain occasion feels like playing and sometimes it feels a little forced especially if it's not my favourite design that I have to remake. Some designs, I can just do ALL DAY and not feel forced doing so at all. I guess I can say that I do get bored with certain techniques and will keep looking for new ideas. It helps keep me going and motivated to work. I know it may sound selfish to some to hear me say this but I know that most designers or artist feels the same way. We just don't like to end up like machines in the factory. It's just not us. We don't function well that way. We do what we love and do it well. If we don't love it, it will show in our work when it's done. So, it's very important to be motivated at all times. :)

Gosh I still can't believe that it's June now which means that 6 months has passed by me so fast and soon it'll be July. Kept thinking of what I've accomplished during these past few months. I realised that I've still a lot that I want to do and I know I have to do them before the year ends. I've gotta reach those targets. It will be really disappointing if I don't get them this year.....and I really really want them really bad. I can't just hope for it to happen.....I have to challenge myself. Usually when I'm being challenged that's when I know I can actually do it. If I don't try it, I'll never know. 

I'm so grateful to find out that even though I haven't the time to update my blog everyday, I still get visitors here who drops by to read my blog or listen to the songs I've uploaded here. I hope those who visited had fun listening to the music and enjoyed reading my posts hehe. I believe that most bloggers wish they have the time to update often but we don't usually have the luxury to do so. So thank you so much to those who visited.....and do drop by again whenever you have the time. See you again soon! ;)

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Friday, June 3, 2011

Green, yellow and red

I took these photos this morning :). So happy to see the rambutan tree at my Mom's house with all the fruits on it that's starting to change colors from green to yellow and red. I haven't tasted the red ones yet coz I know it's not yet fully ripe enough to I will wait till it's really really ripe :)

We have two rambutan trees at the house and both have fruits on them. I think by Ramadhan they'll be ready for us to eat. :). Just a few more months to go! Woohoo!
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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

All is well

I have so much to tell, yet so limited time to write. Well for starters, I am grateful that I am feeling so much better now. No more flu, very minimal coughing.....almost gone in fact. Alhamdulillah.

I did something I hadn't done in months today.......which was cycling to the post office for an early morning delivery! hehe! Loved it! Been so long since I last did that. One of the postal clerks was so happy to see me there with my blue bike.....she loved the fact that I can cycle there. Not having to drive all the way there like others do and to her that seems like fun. She thought I lived close by...well, she didn't know that I don't live right next door to the post house is quite far away from that took me about 15 minutes to cycle there and another 15 minutes to reach home. I cycled quite fast too. If I were to cycle at a slow pace it would have taken me a much longer time. It's a good workout for me :).

I was shocked last night after watching "Dining With Death" on AFC channel. From now onwards, I'm never going to eat cashew nuts again. No sir! Never! I'm never eating it again. It's not just because it can give me severe allergy attack but also because I was so disgusted with the way the cashews were processed. Who knew it would be so bad. Also found out that people with kidney problem should stay away from eating could kill ya! Yikes!

Am making cards like non stop since God knows when and it doesn't seem to show any signs of stopping any time soon. It's good....I love it......I just wish I have more time in my hands....more ideas and more doe to buy toys for my card making hehehehe. As if I don't have enough already. The ones I have in my studio are enough for 3 years of play and yet still untouched. :P Feel bad about it but I know I'll get around to play with them soon enough. :) Will make sure I will have the time to do so! hehe!

My crochet bag is almost done! I'm so excited about it....but, I can't take all the credit it comes..................................................I didn't do it!!! LOL! My aunt made it for me. She's so sweet! She knew I am busy and need that bag desperately and so she made one for me just the way I like it. Hope to be able to use it soon. I'll be doing the finishing touches to it soon enough. I want to embellish it with some beads to make it look fancy hehe! So happy about that! ;) Will share photos of it here soon!

Oh....almost forgot....for those who have never seen the movie, "Letters To Juliet" before.......WATCH IT!! I saw it a couple of days ago on Star Movies and love love loved it so much. Mostly because Vanessa Redgrave starred in it.....hehe. Love her in all of the movies she's acted in before. Something about her that makes it so pleasant to watch.....she definitely has the charisma. :)

Ok....time to go and get some work done. Tomorrow is going to be another wonderful day. That is my prayer. :)

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Busy bee me

Yup that's me these days.....a busy bee..... no time at all to feel bored coz there's always something to do and somewhere to go. I've been so sick for the past few weeks and am still not 100% AOK......still coughing and the flu keeps coming and going whenever it pleases. Why can't it just go away and leave my lungs and nose alone..... :P

I must's a luxury for me to be able to blog here these days......and it feels good to be able to do so right now....I love writing here....honestly...

I found out something really shocking this week on my Mom and Dad's wedding anniversary.......something that answered all the questions I had been wondering about all these years......finally it's answered. Now it all makes perfect sense. Now I know why I'm so sick and why no medicine actually works on me. These past few days have been so emotional for me.....feel so sad when I think about it. Thought of my Dad a lot too.  Imagined what he went through. I wished he knew. He must have wished he knew about it too. And he will never know.....coz he's gone. :(

The next few months will be difficult for us.......I don't know how we are going to face this terrible thing..... :( I just pray to God that he will give us guidance.....give us the strength to deal with this. I gotta has affected my work a little....coz I keep thinking about it all the time....worried I am, worrying all the time.....I hate having this feeling....just hate it. :(

But having something to do is related to art is keeps me least I have something that helps keep me happy. Something that no one can give me now. When I'm in the zone......that's when I'm most happiest. When I'm at the park working out.....I get another kind of happiness.....another kind of feeling....a feeling that calms the soul too..... :). I was really surprise that someone actually realised I was missing for the past few months from cycling around our neighbourhood.....I have to admit I haven't been cycling there for a while coz I had been so sick. And it's kinda funny when people miss seeing you pass by their house each morning. Really funny. Whatever it is.....I'm glad I can do it now.... :) Woohoo!
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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Sweet memories

How long has it been? Pretty long.....the last time I blogged here was sometime in April.....miss blogging here actually. Miss expressing myself here more like it hehe. :D

What have I been up to all this time? Well, a lot has happened since my last post here. I attended an engagement ceremony of a close friend, you can see from the photo below.....finally she is going to get married! Yay! So happy for her :). I didn't even know that the engagement ceremony's  theme color is pink.....I went there not knowing about it and just wore whatever fits me! haha! It was a really beautiful ceremony. She looked gorgeous! :)

I also took a short vacation to KL. Got to meet my dearest friend, Mango! Yup! I never knew that one day I would get the chance to meet her in person. I thought that I would have to go to Sabah in order to do that but it just so happen that she was in KL at the time so I got the opportunity to meet up with her and we spend  some time hanging out together. I feel so blessed to be able to meet her. It's like a dream come true! We did took photos together but I'm not allowed to publish them here...huhuhu....too bad. I wish I could. 

During my stay in KL I was invited by my friend Mango to go to Yusof Gajah's studio in Gombak. I never thought that I would get a chance to meet him in person and also his lovely wife, Puan Zakiah. I've been a fan of Pak Yusof's art work for a long time now.....ever since I was studying at ITM. Been to his exhibition and art gallery before too but never got the guts to talk to him hehehe. And for the first time ever I got the chance to talk to him in his studio and I was as nervous as hell! Maybe he noticed it too! LOL! I had a great time there....lots of ideas came up in my head.....inspired by looking at all those wonderful artworks and also inspired by our random chit chats on arts and crafts. :) It's something I'll never forget! :)

I had a great time in KL although the trip was pretty short.....short but sweet. Lots of sweet memories hehe! I came back and life was hectic again. Lots of orders to get done and lots of future projects to think about and proceed. It's hectic still.....till this date hehe.....and I can feel my body is suffering from all this. But that's life'll never get anything done if you think you can't make it.....just have to have a positive mind and go for it! ;) Mind over matter!
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Friday, April 22, 2011

Ku Berjanji Kerna Cinta - Anuar Zain

The first time I heard this song sang live by Anuar on TV, I was blown away. It's such a beautiful song. So soothing to the ears. I gotta say, he is one of my favourite male singers from Malaysia. Very classy, very powerful voice. You can only expect the best from him. :)

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Crazy hot

Crazy hot weather over here the past few days........can't seem to work if the air conditioner is not on. That's how bad it is. And even at night time, it's so so hot. Been having problem sleeping as well lately. Hopefully I won't have it so often. Hate it. Hate feeling like a zombie early in the morning.

It's really strange to admit this but ever since I took the goat's milk, I don't crave for the cow's milk anymore. It's really strange because I'm always crazy about adding that milk in my coffee or hot coco. But now, I don't crave for them anymore. In fact, I feel just fine without them. I noticed that my stomach feels so much better now too. I usually feel bloated every day because of the milk I took but ever since I stopped taking them and exchanged it with goat's milk, I feel lighter.....I feel like whatever the problem I had inside, it's healing now. It's wonderful. But of course, I had to suffer a bit for 3-4 days before feeling great like this now. It's all part of the healing process. And I think it's worth it. :)

Just about one more week to go....... I wish I don't have to go and attend this particular ceremony. Seriously I'm not ready to go. Don't feel like going there yet. I wish I have more time. More time to get ready, :P. But I guess it's not for me to decide. It's confirmed and I have to go or else. Or else....someone is going to get it, big time! :P I wonder what it's going to be like. Scary...very very scary. Luckily this time around I got someone to accompany me there. I don't like going there alone...definitely. 

I'll be traveling again soon too. Not sure if I'm ready for that either. There's lots of things to do and so little time left before I go on that trip. The clock is ticking. Hope I can make it happen! :)

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


What a day! Since morning till now....non stop action hahaha. LOL! all has to do with work that's all....nothing special  :P. Managed to get done so many things today! Yay! I'm so happy that after so many months of postponing taking my sick computer to the shop, finally I did it today. And what a shock! It was just a minor problem?? Gosh....I should have taken it earlier. But because I was so bloody busy with work, I kept postponing and postponing.......and did my business with the help of my hand phone and my aunt's laptop all this while. So hopefully from now onwards, I can do business without disturbing my aunt's laptop....hehehe. That laptop has saved me so many times already. So did the phone actually. :)

Oh! Finally today......I got me the box of goat's milk that I was so excited about for the past few months. I've heard so much of great stories about it's benefits and goodness to one's health. I'm taking it mainly for my eczema problem. And from today onwards as well, I'll stop taking cow's milk altogether. It's goat's milk from now on! hehe! I haven't tasted it yet. But a lot of my friends are saying it tastes so good. I really hope so! Will blog about it if there are improvements to my health after taking it. I'll have to wait at least a month to get any results though. Can't wait! :)

And last but not least......finally I get to write again today. I haven't written here for quite a while. The last time I wrote anything here was in March. I used to write almost everyday. But can't do that as often as I like to these days. Been so caught up with work. So much to quill these days. So little time. I try to organize my time the best I can and get all the important things done. At the end of the day.....what must be done, must be other way around it. Do or die lorrr :P.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

(Where Do I Begin) Love Story - Andy Williams

This song is a request from a dear friend of mine who is a fan of Andy Williams, just like me. :) This particular song is actually the theme song from the film "Love Story", a 1970 romantic drama film that was considered as one of the most romantic film of all time. I tried to find a Youtube video of Andy singing this song but couldn't find a good one so in the end I decided to choose this one instead. This song is of course one of my favourites from Andy as well. :)

I still can't believe that Andy's real name is Howard Andrew Williams cute is that? :) And he is still active in singing up to this day. Amazing!

Hope you like it Abg Jas! :)

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Friday, April 1, 2011

The Shadow Of Your Smile - Englebert Humperdinck

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Miss you...

Gosh....I have to write as fast as I can now. So hard up for time these days....even to write here in my personal blog is no longer a luxury. I have to really schedule what I want to do each day because there's just so many things I need to get done and I have commitments now to two elderly woman who depend on me to run their errands every now and then. It's tough......but somebody has to do it....and that somebody is me hehehehe. :D

I miss chatting with my friends.......miss a whole lot of things! I just have to be patient for a while because all these things I'm doing is actually just has to  be done. So.....sorry friends.....if I don't get to talk to you as often as I would love to. I have to prioritize.....that's all. I hope in time, I get to have some time off for leisure. In fact, I am planning for some "ME" time tomorrow. I want to go catch a movie hehehehe! I haven't done that in quite a while now. Hope all will turn out well tomorrow.

I thank God that I still have my Facebook account and I get to keep up with what's going on with my friends there. It's a life saver hahahaha. Yeah, what would I do without Facebook. LOL! And thank God nowadays I get to go on FB at any time I like at home or anywhere there is Wifi...... ;). Loving it!

Oh yeah! I also miss my dear dear crochet project that I am working on. It's still at the beginning stage.....gosh I wonder when it's going to start looking like a handbag! hahah! I only get to crochet it when I'm at my aunt's house coz I need her to coach me on crocheting it. It's pretty tough to make and I need my crochet master around to guide me haha. But at's looking good so far....and I'm so happy about it. I've never been so happy about crochet as much as this before in my life. For once..... hehe!

Oh! Oh! Before I forget!! I actually lost 3 kg this month!!! Wooohooooo!!!! I feel great!! I've been eating well and been exercising consistently since I got back from KL and I couldn't be happier that things are working out as well as they are now. I miss cycling though. I haven't cycled for quite a while now. Before....I used to cycle to the park......but now that my aunt is still not fit to drive, I have to drive to us to the park. I could cycle in the evening though but since I can't afford the time, so I only go for my workout in the morning. Hopefully in the next couple of months I get to cycle again :).

Miss so many things....................but.....soon I will get to do what I want to do, I'm sure of it. ;)

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Go for it!

Yup! Just go for it! Whatever you feel like doing, just go for it! Just give yourself a chance to do something new. I did it today by starting on a new project. I know I if I don't have enough projects to handle right now that I just had to add one more to the list. :P You must be wondering what is it that I'm trying to crochet here.'s going to be a handbag! Yup....a simple hobo handbag :). I've just started doing it today.....hopefully in less than 6 months, I'll be able to get it done haha! I remember the last time I attempt to make one and it took me 6 months to complete it. That was years ago when I didn't have proper training from a pro. Now that I got a master to teach me the proper way of how to crochet, I hope it will take me less time to get it done. Wish me luck! ;)

I really had an interesting day today. A beautiful start with my morning walk at the park. I'm loving the fact that I get to go there again now that my feet are feeling much better. I can walk without feeling so much of pain at my feet....which is so wonderful, you can't imagine how thankful I am that I get to do this again. I finally got it why my eczema was so bad. I knew something wasn't right.....and finally I got it my answers. It was those dreadful fish oil that I took that caused a very bad allergy. Thank God I found out about it and immediately stopped taking it. Sometime you just got to get the infos yourself.....just go and do your own research since no one can help you find it for you. Thank God for the internet. It saved me.

My driving has improved a lot. I'm so happy about that. I'm lucky to still be able to drive even though I don't own a car at this moment. It's so great to drive again. I remember what it was like years ago when I had a car and was able to go wherever I want with it. Freedom! :) It takes a lot of confidence and courage too to drive. again. I had to.....I had no choice but to toughen up and just go for it. And I'm glad I did it because now I can. :)

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

It's flowering!

I'm so happy!!! Our rambutan trees are flowering again! Finally!! I was pretty sad when only one of them bear fruits last year. This particular one that you see above didn't bear any fruit at all. Probably because of the hot dry season. So this year my Mom flooded the trees with water for a few weeks and now  they are flowering! Yipppeeeee!! :D

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Be patient

A very tiring day. Don't feel too good the past few days either actually. Probably due to the side effects of the medicine I'm taking. Aching neck, shoulders and head. :( But I know this will be over pretty soon. It was like that before so I kinda knew this was going to happen now. I just have to be patient and wait for it to end.

Was really shocked this afternoon to find out about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. It's the worst ever in 140 years! I saw on the news how the quake and tsunami had caused destruction to the affected areas in Northern Japan. It's so sad to see this happening again.  My prayers goes out to the people of Japan right now.... :(

I'm trying my level best to be patient with people who are testing my patience  :P....seriously......I'm trying my level best here. I sometimes surprise myself with how I react to all this tests that keeps on coming my way. I keep thinking why I'm so calm about them sometimes. I'm surprised how I can just ignore the tests and let things flow. I guess I'm doing this to take care of my heart as well. I don't want to get so stressed over these matters.....I don't want to get high blood pressure unnecessarily at this age. :P So to those who are trying your level best to annoy me......I say thanks, lots and lots of thanks.....and bye bye.....please go away and never come back! :P

I see who are truly sincere to me and who are makes me appreciate those who are even more now. I feel so grateful to have them around. Blessed I am ......not that I didn't realise it before but I'm just so appreciative about it now. It's a gift indeed. :)

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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I did it!

A very productive day indeed it has been. Managed to get a lot of things done today. :) AND!!!! Something really cool happened to me today as well. may sound a bit exaggerated to you but is cool to me because this is something I rarely dare try to do...hehehehe!

You see.....if you knew me would be feeling very very proud of me today. Yes you would! :P Why? You might be wondering why I would say something like that. Well.....what happened was, I actually drove my aunt's Hyundai Accent to Tesco today. Yup.....I did it!!! The car is kinda big for me......I don't like to drive big cars like that. I love small teeny tiny cars........seriously! I love the Mini Cooper by the way the smaller the car....the better! :D

The weird thing is that I was so calm all the way. No fear at all. My aunt was sitting at the co driver seat and was probably inches away from peeing in her pants. Haha! Yup, she was scared. Apparently I wasn't. :P You see.....all my life......the only car I'm most comfortable driving is the Kancil. Yes, like I said....the smaller the car, the better! LOL! I used to own one but now it's gone....boohoooohoooo :'(. Lately, the one car I'm used to driving, is the Kenari.....yes another Perodua model. Not that I'm a big fan of Perodua cars....but yes, it's what I'm used to and comfortable with. So today I did something that was out of my comfort zone. I may not be the best driver in the family but yes, I can drive!! haha!

I was so happy that I managed to drive all the way to Tesco, which was quite far from our house and come back home safe and sound. :P I had to drive because my aunt is not well enough to drive yet. Her hand can't function normally would probably take her at least 2 months to fully recover from the surgery. So in the mean time, I get to drive her around wherever she needs to go.

Indeed I've surprised myself fact lately I've been surprising myself a lot with the things I've done. Even though what I've done so far may seem trivial to many......but it's a huge matter for me. Like I said......if you knew me would understand why. :)

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Temporary home

It's raining heavily right now....luckily there's no lightning....otherwise I would have to shut down this laptop. I'm watching a really good movie right now, "Leap Year" while was recommended to me by someone....I can't help watching it coz Amy Adams is starring in it. Love her! :)

I've moved in with my aunt now.....well, temporarily I hope....just until she recovers from her surgery. From now onwards, I have to work from her house as well.....well, half the now I've got two working places....whooppiieee! (trying my best to sound cheerful about it... :P).

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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Don't stop...

If only I knew what I know now 10 or 15 years ago......gosh.....what a difference that would make in my life right now. Don't we all wish for the same thing? I kept thinking why things are the way they are in my life right now and how I wish it would be different. It's kinda late to change some of the things that happened......some can be reversed and some are irreversible.

I do feel lost sometimes......not knowing what to do. Don't we all? How to make things better for me? I don't have all the answers. So it's good to be around those who do. It helps.

I had a good chat with a good friend of mine yesterday. An eye opener. Very interesting. A good surprise. I can't seem to stop thinking about it right now. It's always a joy to see someone who is passionate about what he is doing. It's inspiring :).

This trip has been pretty inspiring indeed. A lot of good vibes.  But now I'm  feeling home sick....or shall I say "studio sick" because I can't wait to start working in my studio heheee. Seriously....I'm so bored already of crocheting those small flowers and leaves everyday at the hospital. I want to do something else for a change. Just one more day more day.....hang in there. :P

I'm not going to lie to myself. Deep inside already I know what I want. Even though it seems like it's impossible to obtain or achieve. I don't want to stop believing in my dreams. I want it to come true. No matter how hopeless it seems sometimes. I'll keep on believing......

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Monday, February 28, 2011


Sometimes these past few days in KL feels like I have been attending some kind of camp.......running here and there.....gotta be at a certain place at a certain time......rushing...just rushing somewhere most of the time. But at least I get to chill at night. ;)

It's been a while since I last get to blog here. Aaaaahhhh.....peace and quiet at the camping place and the mood to write again is here. :) Yes, you need to be in the mood to be able to write, right? hehe... Hmmmmm....what an interesting day it has been.....recapping yesterday's event....from morning till now in my head. Funny and kinda weird day it was. But interesting nonetheless. Somehow I wish I had done things differently but what to has passed. Again, I am learning from these tiny mistakes that I made. Sometimes there is good in making mistakes no? There always is something good in it to learn from.....well, in my case there is. :) aunt's surgery last Friday went well.....I'm so happy about that. Not sure how long it's going to take for her to heal from the surgery but I'm glad it's done. I know how much she hates surgery but it was a successful one and hopefully she gets to use her arm normally soon.

I can't wait to go back home actually...I miss my studio....I miss my bed....miss a whole lot of things. After attending the paper crafters get together I was just so inspired to try something new right now. But it all have to wait till I get home. 

A thought came to my mind today.....You know what? It doesn't hurt to be nice to really doesn't. No matter how badly people treat nice to them. I've gone through a lot of shit in my life....and I'm grateful of what I've got today....the people I've known or met in my life....the things I've done. Looking back.....I do feel that everything happened for a reason. It's a learning process. Just accept that....embrace it. Letting go of the things that has kept me from moving forward. Leave it behind and remember the wonderful moments that it gave me. Just smile and be happy.....and be happy to'll never loose anything if you do. Believe you me! :)

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A sweet surprise

Location: Home
Blogging from: My aunt's laptop....hehehehehe (yeah, it's still with me :P)
Mood: Zombie ....sleepy head.....

Yeah yeah yeah.......the laptop is still with me......I plan to give it back today. Lin!!!!!! :P :P

Anyways.....the reason why  it's still here with me is because I just had to blog about this sweet surprise I got this morning! It's kinda difficult to share these photos if I wanna blog using my I needed the laptop for this purpose.'s so much easier to blog with the lappy right? hehe!

My dear friend Sandi sent me an email this morning with photos of her dear son Jed receiving a Valentine's day card made by yours truly hehehe. It's a quilled red teddy bear card I made and gave her some time ago. It was my Christmas gift for her. I'm so happy that she used it for this occasion. It's not actually a Valentine's Day's a love theme can be used for any occasion. I'm so happy to know that my card saved her seems that she forgot to buy or make a Valentine's day card for her son and hubby and after searching for a blank card in her desk drawers, she found my quilled teddy bear card that was perfect for the occasion. So happy as well to know that Jed and her hubby loved the card so much!! That really made my day!! :)

Thank you Sandi for sharing with me this sweet moments of you and your family. I have a big smile on my face right now....a really big one!!! ;) 

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Location: Home sweet home
Blogging from: My aunt's laptop aaahhhhhgaiiiinnnnnnn :P
Mood: Still have that smile on my face ;)

Perhaps today is the last day that I'll be blogging with this laptop at my house. Tomorrow I have to give it back to it's owner huhu. Oh gosh....look at the's almost midnight and here I am still awake and still quilling those gift cards and of course blogging and fbing and God knows what else I do all at the same time haha. :P Multitasking! :P

I was thinking the whole day about an idea I had in my head. An idea about writing a book. It's part of my bucket list as well. If only I can find the time? No no....I must not say that because......I can always make some time for it since I'm feeling a little motivated to do it all of a sudden. I already got a story to tell. Perhaps can make a movie out of it?? hahahaha!!'s a dream. One that perhaps can come true? Hmmmm....perhaps...perhaps...perhaps. ;) Mind you....I've never in my life written a book I have no idea how it will turn out. But I'm excited about starting it this year........will see how it will progress.

I didn't get a good night sleep again last night....kept tossing and turning in bed because my Mom was coughing so loudly......poor thing..... :( She is coughing still today....seems there is a little improvement but yeah...coughing still. I wonder if both of us are going to be able to sleep tonight......will we get a good night sleep or not. I even had nightmares last night.....such weird dreams.....huhu....I was like a zombie in the head was so heavy....couldn't even lift up my eyes.....but by 10.00am.....I was my normal self again....thank God.

I've been telling myself for the past few days now that I must go to sleep by 10.00pm......I need to go to bed early everyday.....I keep telling myself that but since I'm so used to sleeping at 12.00am's so difficult to change my sleeping hours. :( to bed now......nite nite....see ya when I see ya! :)

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Monday, February 14, 2011


Location: Home
Blogging from: My aunt's laptop
Mood:  :)

I'm so happy today .......I got permission from my aunt to borrow her lappy for one day so that I finish some of my work with it. There are some assignments that I needed to get done and since it's an online assignment, I needed to use her lappy since my PC is unable to access the internet. To cut the story short.....the assignments are all done! Yippeee! Mission accomplished! Thank God for the Wifi too......I'm really loving this Wifi's great!! Thank you Streamyx hehehe.... ;)

My housemate a.k.a my Mom is not feeling so great though......been coughing and coughing since a few days now and it got worse last night. Both of us were not able to sleep at all last night......she and I were like a zombies this morning. I really hope the medicine she is taking will help her feel better and cure the cough soon.

Kept thinking about my cute little bunny friend since this morning.  I think about my bunny friend everyday 24/7....Wondering how my little bunny is doing these days. I'm sure everything is fine but as usual.....I can't help wondering. That's me. Worry for no reason. :P I really really miss my cute bunny.....we are like the same but different at the same time you know. Don't know how to explain it. Only my cute bunny and I understand it. Sad but true.  :(

Today is already Monday and tomorrow is Tuesday and the day after that is Wednesday and and and and......huhuhuhuhu.......not much time left for me.....I just have to learn to work faster. I wish I didn't have to go on that trip but what to's already fixed and whether I like it or not, I have to go. I will just have to make the best of it. Think positive. Good things will always come out of always does.

Oh! I almost forgot! I received a Christmas package from my dear friend Sandi!! Yup! It arrived yesterday! I never thought that I would be receiving it because she mailed it to me on 26th of November 2010!! Imagine that! It's February 2011 now and only now do I get the package hehehe.....but I'm glad it arrived to me in good condition considering the time it spent for more than 3 months from US to Malaysia hehe! It's a wonder that it's still in good shape! Thank you so much Sandi! I really appreciate the card and gifts! For a person who does not even celebrate Christmas, I sure do get a lot of Christmas gifts! hehe! I must send her a card and gifts during my Eid celebration next time! hehe!

 * Sandi's son Jed made this beautiful Christmas ornament!! See his signature at the back of the ornament?? It's so beautiful! I'm thinking of where to place this beautiful ornament inside my studio hehe! Thank you Jed! :)

Ok....I better get some work done. That's the thing with me.....I can't seem to stay offline for long. I'm an addict you see hehehe........that's one of my problems. Work does not get done if you stay online for too long dear Lin.... ;). Tata!!

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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Location: Aunt's house
Blogging from: My aunt's laptop
Mood: A little cranky but positive nonetheless :P

I feel so free today. Free coz most of my important assignments are done and now I can concentrate on the less important ones at hand. And I only have about a week or so to get them done before I go for another trip to KL. This time around it's not for leisure but because I have to care for my aunt who will be going through an operation at a private hospital in KL.

It was a tough decision for her to make as she is just like me who is afraid of surgeries hehehe! But in her case, it's not as bad as least her issue is not as major as mine. Even so, it's still a surgery and she has to do it twice. This trip is for the first one and perhaps in another month or so we would go there again for another surgery. I hope the surgery will be a successful one!

Health wise lately for me has been so bad. Issues with my aching tooth....and my body acting up with all sorts of problems. One by one things starting to show up. And now it's a little better thank God. I had to stop taking a few things and see how it goes from there. So far there is a good sign. My mood has not been good at all because of all this. It's not easy to control myself from feeling bad about it. I'm only human. But I easily change from feeling bad to feeling glad in no time. Humour usually does the trick.....and not forgetting good tasty yummy sinful food! LOL! :D I really hope that by the time I need to travel again, my health has improved a bit otherwise, it will be hell to travel in this condition.

I have been thinking and thinking of what I can do while I have to stay at the hospital.......quilling perhaps? Nooooooooo.....I think not. Perhaps I'll crochet instead hehehe! Yes, it's what I love doing's an old addiction actually. I used to crochet my own handbag way back's a skill I learned from my aunt actually hehe. Yup...I think I'll just do that and perhaps do some reading too. That would be nice! :)

I've got another new addiction lately. Guess what?! I love watching Raja Lawak!!! hahaha! Gosh! I know I know.....I can't believe it either. I used to hate watching that show......seriously hate it! But now with the new and improved show.....and the hosts that have improved their jokes....they are now so amazingly funny I tell ya!! Johan and Zizan are really really funny! I've even watched reruns of it. That's how bad my addiction has become hahaha! And in this new season, some of the contestants are really really funny too! Really funny! No kidding man! I really enjoyed myself. Whenever I'm down.....that's the channel I want to tune into. If my PC is working, I would be watching Joan Rivers on Youtube......too bad I can't do that now since the computer is down. But yeah, Joan Rivers is great.....she can really crack me up non stop! She can just go on and on and on and on ......just flowing with jokes. :D

I really miss my friends. Some I miss more because I have not talked to them in such a long time. There are some that I can't talk to at all. Not because I don't want to talk to them but because they don't want to talk to me anymore huhuhu. Why? I have no idea. I miss them so much.....more than they can imagine. I wish them all the best in life and wish they are happy in whatever they do. Perhaps one day God will help us reunite again. Who knows ya. :) Hope that day will come soon. If not......then que sera sera.....what will be will be......still I wish them all the happiness in the world.

Ok....I better go and get my work done....lots to little usual. Need to work faster and be more efficient

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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Rain on a hot day

What a wonderful rained today during the hot afternoon. And now the weather outside is so cool and chilly. It's been a while since we got any rain over here. It sure is a great blessing. Was not well all day...perhaps I'm coming down with fever....aching all over. My head is spinning............................ I refuse to give in to this ...... I refuse to ignore my duties..... I refuse to forget what means a lot to me....... and............ my mind refuse to store away my precious thougts.......
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Your smile

I can't lie....I love your smile the most...always have and always will....The smile I remember is imprinted in my mind and it flashes by every second. No...never...I never want to forget.....................................
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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Keep fighting

Today I have to use my handphone to do all my online work, even when it comes to updating my blog. This is so frustrating becoz sOMETHING IS WRONG WITH THE SHIFT KEY. IT'S NOT WORKING THE WAY IT SHOULD BE thereforE the words are coming out in CAPITAL letters all the time.. :( My PC  is still not  able to  access the internet. :( :( :(  Keep on figting Lin!!!
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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Secrets - One Republic

"Tell me what you want to hear...."

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It's time to switch to, FineTV. Find out how!

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