Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hey - Julio Iglesias are no doubt.....passion in action! :)

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Crying In The Rain - The Everly Brothers

Donald and Phillip Everly.....The Everly Brothers. Love this US country rock and roll duo..... :). I have a few of their songs that I love....this one is a favourite of mine......others would be "Bye Bye Love", "All I Have To Do Is Dream" and many more. It's still raining outside......and I thought of this song.......have a listen... :)  

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A new hope

It's raining now over here......the nice cool weather is making me sleepy. But when I look at the work that needs to be done, I know I can't sleep yet. I just love the weather outside. So nice to have a studio with big windows.....I can look outside and watch the rain fall on the the birds playing in the rain. Bliss! 

I finally got a new hope today. I'm trying out a new product to help me with my health problem. I'm open for new solutions. Especially if it's a natural way to cure. I've got nothing to loose. Since I can't afford surgery and it's so risky, I decided that I'll try this method first. I really hope it can help me. Will have to wait and see how it goes.....

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Pretend - Nat King Cole

Mr Nat King Dad's favourite artist. :) I love all his songs. Feeling like listening to this one right now. "Pretend you're happy when you're isn't very hard to do...".

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Black eyed bird

Didn't go for my workout this morning huhuhuhuhu.......all because I slept so late last night around 2.00am......why? I was busy making a last minute birthday card for my Mom's friend. I'm happy that I managed to get it done on time and the birthday gal was so happy to receive it! Woohoo!

Was very busy all day.....I only managed to get online at night. But it's so biggie. At least I got most of the work done for the day., the big question. What kind of bird is that?? Does anybody know?? I took a photo of the bird from inside the house. I was looking at it through the kitchen window. It sat there quietly and didn't move an inch! So I was so tempted to capture it on camera and I did it! I just gotta find out what kind of bird this is . I've never seen it before here at our garden. There are so many types of birds that visit our garden every day....they like it here because we have so many big trees around with big branches they can rest on. 

The bird's eye looks pretty creepy. It's pitch black! It didn't make a sound at all......too bad.....I  sure would like to know what it sounds like. My Mom said that it's a dove....a type of dove......I DON'T THINK SO!! Cannot be laaaaaaaa..........hmmmmm.....I must investigate!!! 

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Chances Are - Johnny Mathis

The song that introduced me to Johnny Mathis. Fell in love instantly when I first heard it way back in my school days.

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Misty - Johnny Mathis

Love Johnny Mathis! A voice so gorgeous, gives me the chills every time I hear him sing. "Misty" is probably one of my most favourite song from Johnny. :)

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Aerobic day

I love Friday!!! Because Friday is aerobic day! haha! I'm beginning to fall in love with this type of exercise. Perhaps because it has some relations with dancing. It's so cool when everyone did the routines simultaneously. Doing the same steps and moving the body to the beat of the music and sweating it out! 

Surprisingly I was ok! My body didn't hurt that much this morning, so I didn't have a hard time doing the routines. The best part was when I finally memorized the steps for one of the dancing routines. I was clueless last week but this week I finally got it!! Weeeehooooooo!!! I was so damn happy! hahaha! It's so wonderful! That particular dance step is definitely a favourite among the crowd. We all loved it! Even though it rained a bit, we all stayed on and continued exercising. :) Now I'm officially addicted to aerobics!! haha!!

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The Last Waltz - Engelbert Humperdinck

This song was one of my favourite when I was in primary school.....don't ask why.....but I really loved singing it back then hehehe.... :) Lovely melody and beautiful lyrics...

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Les Bicyclettes De Belsize - Engelbert Humperdinck

Love Engelbert Humperdinck a lot!!! Yup...I'm a big fan and I love so many of his songs....and this is just one of them that I adore. Enjoy!

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Macaroni soup

I didn't play badminton right hand still hurt pretty bad. :( So I just brisk walk at the park this morning and cycled too. I think something is wrong with my thighs too....especially my left thigh and my right knee. They hurt when I brisk walk. Sigh........side effects from the workouts I suppose. 

My Mom made this macaroni soup today with fish! Yummy! I kinda like eating like this nowadays. Less oil and lots of vegetables in it. :) Pretty healthy dish!
Tomorrow is aerobic exercise day at the park. I'm not sure if I can handle it huhuhuh......but I'm determined to give it my best shot! It's just too much fun to miss it.

It was a rainy afternoon that kept pouring till late in the evening. It's pretty cold right now.....making me sleepy.....but I'm still in the mood to work and blog and etc etc....but no matter what, I gotta sleep soon, otherwise, I won't be able to get up early tomorrow for my workout! :)

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Flor De Piel - Julio Iglesias

I love this song a lot! I could listen to it over and over and over again and I would never feel bored. It's quite upbeat and makes me wanna dance! :)

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Bat repellent

We are having problems dealing with bats at home. They visit us every night and poop at a specific spot nearby the entrance of our house. It's so annoying! We've tried all sorts of  bat repellent including sulfur and moth balls that stink like hell. But it didn't work. The idea is to have something around the area that stinks so that the bats will be so put off by it and make a U-Turn and fly elsewhere instead of hanging around at our house for the night. 

Hey, I don't mind them hanging around......but please....please don't poop! Please, we have enough food at home as well, so please don't leave us any leftover fruits for us from your dinner. :P

One of my Mom's friends suggested we hang some stinky chillies at the place where they love to hang out. It seems that this method would work. It did! They did stop coming over for a few days. But when the smell  of the chillies goes away after some time, they would make a visit to our house again. I wish there is some other way of dealing with this problem other than hanging those stinky chillies. Anybody out there have a better idea/suggestions?? Do let me know! Gracias! 

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Fragile - Julio Iglesias & Sting

An all time favourite song. Originally sang by Sting. But I love Julio's version more as it's more charming. Something about his voice that is magical. Makes me speechless every time I hear it.

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Lovely morning

Even though I was aching all over, I got on my blue Raleigh and headed to the post office to make a delivery. I thought it would just be a waste of petrol to drive all the way there to deliver just one handmade card. After all, I needed to get out of the house and exercise no matter what. So I didn't brisk walk or played badminton today......I just cycled for about an hour. That alone made my buttock cramp! haha! Job done! Exercise done! :P

It rained last night......but it stopped early in the morning. So I didn't have trouble cycling to the post office that early. But as I cycled back home.....there were signs of rain coming by again. I could tell by the smell of the air and the cool breeze on my face as I slowly paddled my blue Raleigh. And it did. Around 10.00am. Aaaaaahhhhh.....the weather right now is so so so nice! Not too hot and not too cold.....just lovely!

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

No pain no gain

Moving like a sloth who has been beaten repeatedly by God knows what today hahahhahaha :D Seriously, I am having a hard time moving around the house all day. Aches almost on every part of the body. Especially my right hand. Having difficulty doing any work when in so much of pain. But....what to do, no pain no gain. I guess the body is in shock right now. Must be wondering what on earth did I do to it....hahaha.....funny to think that it's all because of badminton!

Who said it was going to be easy. ;)

I've started taking omega-3 fish oil supplements since yesterday. Something for my immune system. Of course I won't be able to see the difference in a day or two. These things take a while to get results. There are a lot of health benefits from taking omega-3 fish oil's good for the heart, skin, brain...and the list goes on. Initially, I'm taking this for my skin disorder.....but, at the same time, it can benefit me in a lot of ways, it's wonderful! :)

Patience.....discipline.....focus......must stay focused......good results will come in due time. :)

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In high spirits

I was fine yesterday after the morning workout and playing badminton......but the morning after, I am aching all over. Especially my right arm.....aching a lot right now coz I played badminton with my right hand yesterday. I almost didn't want to go to the park and workout because of the ache. But I forced myself to do it anyways. Cycled slowly to the park......walked slowly and when the time came to play badminton, words like "adoi!" kept coming out of my mouth....hahaha. Yup,  it hurts quite a bit there but I kept on playing  :)

I didn't throw off my racket anymore like yesterday. Because I wrapped the racket handle with a small towel for a better grip.  There were a lot of spectators as well, who sat and watched us play. Giving comments as well about how we play guy even commented on how my aunt can play with both her hands. She is left handed, but she can also play with her right hand. I'm right handed, but I can't seem to play with my left. Feels awkward! Couldn't really hit the shuttlecock anyways. So I continued playing with my right hand.

I really hope I can keep my spirits high and keep on doing this as a lifestyle and not just to loose weight. As of now, I can't imagine not working out everyday anymore. If I don't do it, I feel like something is missing in my life. It's an activity where I can go somewhere to unwind.....release.....enjoy.....and connect.

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Monday, October 25, 2010

The Proposal

Just got back home. Went to watch the movie "The Proposal" at my aunt's house earlier hehehe.... It's so nice to have a neighbour close by who is also my just a stone throw away from where I live. I can go and hang out with her anytime I like. Cool! my review about the movie hehehe......I'm actually a bit blurry about what happened in the beginning and middle of the movie because all I can remember right now, that's stuck in my mind is the part when they kissed in the end....hahahaha......ok, ok, I might sound so gatal right now but what can I say's so sweet! LOL! Ok, if you read this and you feel like you want to "melugai" or vomit or puke.....please, by all means...... :P

Honestly..... I love this movie...a lot. A romantic comedy that really touched my heart. It tells on how we shouldn't judge a book by it's covers. Never judge a person just by their appearance or by how they act with you.  Sometimes they  hide their true self or have forgotten who they were before because of a tragedy that had happened in their life or because they went through a traumatic experience.

Family..........having a family is important. Loving them is important. Being loved by your family is important too. There's nothing better than being around your family. Especially knowing how much they love you and appreciate having you around.

I've always loved Sandra Bullock's acting. If I knew she acted in a particular film, I would surely go and watch it. She's the real deal. I love watching her act and how she brings the character to life. She may not be the most gorgeous actress around.....but she delivers, she's really honest with her feelings, her emotions shows in all the films she acted in. 

Who cannot like Betty White???? She's a darling! Loved her in the Golden Girls and in this film too! Funny as always! Makes me wish I have a grandma like her hehehe. And Ryan Reynolds??? Aaaaaaaaaahhhh....he's a dream........and I shall keep on dreaming! LOL! :D

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Playing again

Had a great time this morning playing badminton! Woohoo! It was fun! After so many years I finally get to play it again. And the best part is that I get to play it at the park! That's like the best place ever. With all the natural surroundings....what bliss!

Funny thing is that I accidentally threw my racket twice when playing! hahaha! I seriously think that it's because the racket's holder is a bit slippery....or my palms were so sweaty. I need to wrap it with cloth or something so that it won't be so slippery anymore when I'm playing.

No one one lost. It was just a friendly game to keep us fit and have fun. Indeed I did have fun this morning. So now every morning I cycle, brisk walk and I play badminton too! Loving it! :)

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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Went for my morning walk and bumped into White Raleigh again hehehe....aaaahhhh bliss! I wanna own that bike someday! My fave! Not that I don't love my Blue Raleigh anymore but but....that White Raleigh is so damn gorgeous!!!! I want to ride it toooooooo! day....God willing..... I will! :D

Bought my badminton racket and a pretty good deal! I just couldn't wait to test them  so I  did so in the supermarket itself with my aunt! hahaha! So funny! I just had to!! Because we were contemplating on whether we should get the feather type or the plastic type of shuttlecock. After testing it, I decided the feather type is THE BEST!! As always!! Ha! The racket is a bit costly but managed to get me a pretty good one with a  fairly good price...and of course it had to be BLUE in color to match my bike! hahaha! Can't wait to play it tomorrow! Woohoo!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Girl From Ipanema - Andy Williams & Antonio Carlos Jobim

Love love love love love this song so much :) Especially when Andy Williams sings it with Antonio Carlos Jobim :) Enjoy!

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Moon River - Andy Williams

A personal favourite! Enjoy! ;)

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Lemon tree

"Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet 
but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat"

Every time I think of lemon trees I will think of that song! haha! An old song I remember singing and listening to when I was little. But I like lemons and I don't think it's impossible to eat! hahaha!

My Mom bought this lemon tree at the pasar tani yesterday. Ain't it cute! It's still small and yet has bared fruit! Just one though.....but it has a lot of flower buds on it too! I hope the flower buds won't  fall off once we replant it in a bigger pot. 

She bought this tree because of me hehehe. I wanted to eat this fruit so much and make it part of my new diet. It's kinda expensive to buy them at the supermarket so we thought in the long term, it's better to buy the tree itself so that we can get lemons for life hehehe.....hopefully it will grow nicely and bare lots and lots of lemons! :) We have two lemon trees now....and also bought one more citrus tree called limau kasturi.....some say it's called Calamondin or Calamansi in English. This type of citrus fruit is very small and taste so wonderful mixed with salad. I love it! You can find out more about it at this link:

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PAIN.....feelin' lotsa pain on my shoulders and arms especially. I immediately felt the pain when I woke up this morning. Could barely move out of bed. Practically forced myself to get up and go for my morning brisk walk. This is all due to the aerobic exercise I did yesterday morning. Looks like it really worked up my upper body a lot. My leg are fine. No ache whatsoever down there. Probably because I brisk walk a lot so even though I did a lot of aerobic exercise for my legs as well yesterday, I didn't feel a lot of pain on my thighs, calves or feet at all today.

No aerobic exercise today.....missing it already. Can't wait to do it again next week hhuhuhuh. It was just brisk walking and cycling for today. I really want to play badminton. I only got one badminton racket.....but don't have any shuttlecocks. Need to buy one more racket and some shuttlecocks so that I can start playing it with my aunt. Wish I have someone younger to play with. But for now there isn't any huhuhuu.....oh well. Better than no one to play with at all ya? :)

Will check and see on Sunday if Tesco is selling any cheap badminton rackets and shuttlecocks hehehehe......can't wait to play!! I haven't played badminton in such a long long long time! Miss it so much!

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Feeling good!

Pretty excited today because for the first time in so many years I get to do aerobic at the park. So many people attended and participated in this morning's aerobic session. It was so much fun! Gosh! I wish I had done this sooner but luckily I didn't earlier because I know I needed the stamina first. Luckily the brisk walking helped! After almost 2 weeks of brisk walking I finally got enough stamina to do the aerobic this morning non stop for 1 hour an a half. The aerobics instructor was pretty good and the steps were quite easy to follow. 

But I must say, I can't do the poco-poco. A few times they included the poco-poco in the aerobic exercise and it looked like fun but I just can't seem follow the steps. I just kept staring at their moves hahaha.....they are so good at it already. But I'm not the only one staring.....lots of others there who are not familiar with that dance routine and they kept staring too hahahaha.  Perhaps in time I will be able to do it :). We had to pay the aerobic instructor RM3.00 for the whole session this morning and I think it was cheap! hehe....I don't mind paying that much once a week. For all that she did for us this morning.....which was a lot, so I consider it was worth it. I was sweating like God knows what after the t-shirt was really wet!! I haven't felt this great for so long. Reminded me of the time I was studying in ITM.....I did a lot of workout back then. I feel really great today. I can't wait for the next session next Friday morning! :)

This is my favourite salad lately hehe......thinly sliced celery sticks and chopped tomatoes with slices of onions...mixed with the juice of  lima kasturi. Yummy!! I really love eating raw celery these days. It tastes so good! I also love using it for my pasta dishes. It tastes a little different when cooked....not as crunchy as eating it raw. But I try to add it in at the last minute when cooking to maintain a bit of it's crunchiness hehehee. Honestly I prefer eating vegetables that can be eaten raw. Great way to get live enzymes. I'm just tired of eating cooked vegies......been consuming too much of it already since small....and what good does it do for me? Not much really. Nothing much of goodness is left after it's cooked other than getting fiber from it.

I just have to finish doing those giveaway cards today no matter what! I just gotta!!! I've got important cards to make for some clients that needs getting done as well so, I just need to get those giveaway cards outa my way so that I can concentrate on those other orders. slow laaaaa......why so slow.....faster faster Lin.....still got a lot of clouds to make! 3 clouds x 10 cards = 30 clouds to make....1 cloud = 6 quilled that means 3 clouds x 6 quilled circles = 18 quilled circles.....18 quilled circles x 10 cards = 180 quilled circles??????!!!!!! YIKES!!!! I better get going!! I've only done 4 cards so far....oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....lots more to do! :D
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

One at a time

I guess for the next few weeks or months perhaps, all I will be talking about here will have something to do with my health condition now. I can't help it. Sorry ya....I have to write it somewhere and I am most comfortable writing it here. Too lazy to write it elsewhere anyways.

It's been 4 days now since I went to the hospital and got the results. And until now I can't make a decision on what action I should take. It's so complicated because it involves a lot of other factors that I have to consider. There is also financial issues here. A surgery like that would cost me a lot of money, which I don't have. I'm depending a lot on others to help me out. So I guess for now, I'm taking a step by step action. Try to settle one issue at a time.

One other issue that I need to settle right now is my problem with eczema. Oh my gosh! I'm in love with this product! I have been trying to find a suitable lotion for my eczema for the longest time. In the end after doing a lot of research online, I found this product that is so so good for moisturizing my skin. Some lotions don't really work well for me......and I've been testing so many products in the market already. So far Palmer's is the best for now. :) I'm also taking Vitamin C and Multivitamins for it as well. I could see a lot of difference on my skin since I started using this product and taking those supplements. 

Didn't miss my workout today. Yay! Did only 5 full rounds of brisk walking at the park but I did cycled more on the way back. I'm beginning to like this routine. Especially since I'm losing the weight. Woohoo! Why didn't I do this earlier? I used to cycle a lot.......but just cycling alone won't do much and I've learn that lesson now. I'm amazed at how brisk walking has so much of impact. Imagine what running could do! I did try running at the park today......and man was it tough!!! I was huffing and puffing like crazy! Probably because of my big thyroid choking my airways....hehehehe....seriously, I couldn't run that much. So I ran a bit and brisk walk....and ran a bit and brisk walk.....can't run continuously though. Not yet.

Looking forward to the aerobic exercise tomorrow morning. Hope I will have some stamina for that hehehe. :)

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Today's date is 20.10.2010. Nice number ya? Just like 20.09.2009 .....20.08.2008.....and so on and so forth.

I went for my brisk walk at the park again this morning. Cycled there of course. Did 6 rounds. Felt like I didn't want to stop walking....just wanted to go on and on. Surprisingly, nowadays, my calves don't hurt anymore when I brisk walk. That shows that I need to step it up a bit in my workout, coz the body is already comfortable with the routine I've been doing so far. Thinking I need to start running......aerobics....badminton.....sit ups....skipping...etc etc. But one at a time. :)

I didn't do any work related to my card making other than making 4 pieces of envelopes yesterday. :P My head was spinning.....thinking too much about the health issue that I was just in no mood at all to make cards or quilling or whatever craft. Right now......nothing either....except surfing the net...updating my blog....facebooking...twittering....yeah...basically...that's it. No mood at all. I'm forcing myself now to do something. Because I do have a lot to do.......a lot to get done. :(

I also plan to stop taking too much of coffee.....for health sake. The portion is getting smaller and smaller by day. Today.....I took black coffee in the tiniest cup in the house. Just enough coffee to keep me from craving it all day. I drink more plain water now. Trying to drink at least 2 liters a day. I have a big tumbler in my studio. Must make sure I finish it at the end of the day.

Back to that special's date. Well....nothing major important happened today. Errrmmmm other than the fact that I found out I lost another 1 kg.....hehehe.....that's something to smile about. :)
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Feeling much better today. After my morning walk at the park, I feel a lot calmer. Exercise do make me feel good. Feel more relaxed.

Don't really feel like working today.  Honestly I can't really think right now. Feel numb. Just kept staring at my working table.

Trying to find some inspiration in the net.....listening to songs.....just do something to distract me from feeling sad or depressed.

Now I get it why some people don't like it if I ask them about their health condition......because I find myself not liking it either when people ask me about mine now. I pretend I'm not sick....even though I am. I just like to imagine I'm not and carry on doing what I want to do. Putting it behind me like it never happened. I don't like thinking about it. Because the more I think about it, the more sick I feel inside. I try to lead a healthy lifestyle and leave everything else to God......Let Him decide for me because I'm just clueless right now. He gave me this problem and let Him solve it for me. All I do now is do my best in taking care of myself. Like the saying....."Do your best and let God handle the rest...."

All I need right now is to be strong.....strong in the mind especially. Can't let my mind take control of how I feel. I don't like to feel sad all the time. It sucks! Trying to cheer up and be happy again. Am not going to let something like this ruin my happiness. Life is short. 
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Monday, October 18, 2010

The results


I was out all day today with my aunt. We were at the hospital from morning till evening . Today is THE day. The day for me to get some answers from the doctor about my thyroid problem that's been bugging me for the past 14 years. I just wanted to know for sure about the latest development of my thyroid condition. And IF there is another way other than surgery that can help save my thyroid. And later this evening, I finally got my answers.

They took my blood.....did blood test specifically for thyroid....and scanning (just like how they scan a pregnant woman's tummy, that's how they scanned my neck! LOL), which was pretty cool actually hehhee.....a new experience for me. Later in the afternoon, the results were ready and off I went to meet the doctor to get my answers. He wasn't really accommodating at first.....not friendly....didn't even smile or greet me as I walked into his room. I didn't like him one bit. But had to stay on and listen to his explanations regarding my thyroid condition. What he explained to me, shocked me.....I wanted to cry , I could feel the tears slowly pooling in my eyes but I put on a straight face and continued listening. I knew there and then that I had no other choice but to remove my right thyroid because it is currently harming the important parts of my neck where I breath and eat. Eventually if I don't do anything about it.......if it gets bigger and bigger, soon I won't be able to eat or breath normally. OR it might turn into cancer....

The problem is.......this will be a major surgery...not a minor one. And there are complications, there are risks. There is a big chance that I might loose my voice if something goes wrong during surgery. And that's just one of the many complications that might arise. He scared me....but he was just telling me the truth. I didn't know what to think......because even if I do go on with the surgery, it still does not solve the problem altogether. At the moment, my thyroid hormones are problem at all. The problem is there are a few nodules and cysts at my right thyroid that's causing the problem. And they need to go. The doctor can't remove them alone, as he needs to remove them together with the right thyroid. No choice. And once he does that, there will be only one thyroid left to supply the hormones to my body. If that thyroid can't supply enough, I might have to be on  medication for life. And......there is another complication as well.....which I find difficult to explain here. So complicated. And that complication might cause me to loose calcium in my body and I will have very low metabolic rate, makes me feel lethargic all the time. :(  There are other things he told me that I just don't feel like mentioning here because it's so depressing to talk further about it.

As for my eczema.....the doctor didn't even bother much about he was more concerned about my thyroid. I'll find another doctor to help me out with that problem. For the time being....Palmer's Shea Butter lotion is helping to ease the itch and dry skin.....apart from taking care of what I eat so that I won't make it worse than it is now.

Right now, I'm just lost, not sure of what to's in my hands go on with the surgery or not, that is the question. Orang Melayu kata......ditelan mati mak, diluah mati, betul ke...? Errmmm something like that laaa.....not a win win situation. I'm gonna sleep on it for a while......hope Allah will show me the way......

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Ketulusan Hati - Anuar Zain

I'm a big fan of Anuar Zain.....for a long long long time now. :) Wish to meet him one day! ;) This is one of my most favourite songs from him. So beautiful!

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1 years old

*Please excuse the blurry photos......I took them in a hurry hehehe

Didn't go for my workout this morning. I just felt so sleepy.....and so so tired. My Mom and I planned to go and see little Emir this morning's his last day here.....he will be heading back to KL with his parents in this afternoon. So, off we went! Had a really good time playing with him. My little sisters were there....and so is my little brother and bro in law. They all came back here to celebrate each one's birthday and Emir's birthday as well. Emir turned 1 years old last 15th of October. I can't believe he is one years old already. How time flies so fast and the little boy is big enough to walk now. How cute! 

He can dance now.....move his cute little bum and arms and feet to Hindi songs and songs from Barney hahaha.....AND!!!! He loves pancakes!!! wooohooooo!! Just found out today that he loves to eat the pancakes that my Mom made for them this morning. Probably because it's soft and fluffy enough for him to chew and sweet too. :) One bite of it and immediately he couldn't focus on playing with his toys. He just kept eating and eating hehe. :D

I could still remember his cute little face as we waved goodbye to him as they drove away. It was like as if he knew he was leaving us...... :( Mind you, most kids his age is clueless of what's going on around them sometimes......but this one is clever enough to know it hehe.... Bye bye little Emir.....hope to see you real soon!!!
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Saturday, October 16, 2010


WOW....what a day! I was out from morning till evening! So packed with activities today. Cycling, brisk walking....then went to see the doctor at the clinic (hehehe...dapat jumpa doktor cute, baru grad agaknya...a bit blur2 gitu but very very nice!).....and then went to the hospital (unfortunately, have to go there again on Monday coz the surgeon is not in :( .... ).....and then went to the post office to post the giveaway prizes (hehehe dapat jumpa that cute postal clerk again....sigh, adik, awatlah hang comei lote sangat hehehehe ;)) .......and then went to catch a movie -----> ENTHIRAN! Yeah!!! I've been wanting to watch this movie ever since I found out about it online. I went with my aunt who is also a fan of Rajinikanth. :) I adore this guy since I was a teenager. Love his acting, his films.....he is great....a real super star!

Something funny happened as we were waiting inside the theater before the film started. A couple of Indian boys seated beside my aunt asked her...."Makcik...Makcik nak tengok cerita apa ya?", then my aunt answered, "Makcik nak tengok cerita Enthiran laaa.."....then of the boys said, "Tapi, cerita ni cerita Tamil Makcik.....Makcik faham ka depa cakap Tamil?" hahahahahhahahaha! I just couldn't stop laughing!!! We both assured the boys that we can understand, because there will be English subtitles in the, no worries, for we surely will understand every bit of the film. :D I bet they thought that we were in the wrong theater LOL! And most of the Indians there were staring at us.....they must be wondering why these two Malay ladies want to watch this film......little did they know that a lot of Malays love to watch Tamil films......I was there all because of Rajinikanth.....and it was all worth it! :)

I was really surprised with the story line......a little different from the way Rajinikanth films used to be.  A lot of CGI in this film. It was crazy funny as well. I was laughing a lot I tell ya!! All in all, I still prefer his older films.....Padaiyappa, Muthu, Sivaji The Boss and Chandramukhi......more charisma and of course great punchlines. I especially love how he moves and the tricks he would do in his films.....amazing tricks I tell ya! He is totally awesome! I would strongly recommend people to go and watch this's more amazing to watch it at the cinema! :)

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Friday, October 15, 2010

1 week!

It's been 7 days already since I started working out at the park. I was thinking of doing aerobics but when I saw their routine this morning, I chickened out hehehehe. I do not have the stamina to do all that yet. Perhaps by next week I'll be able to do it. It looks like fun! And I really do want to try it.

My eczema is not getting any better yet so far. It's so painful.  My feet are so swollen, so damn itchy, so dry, it cracks, and bleed when scratched or don't scratch know, the works. Amazing how I can actually  brisk walk sometimes and put on a big smile on my face. The thing is I just don't know what else it triggering it. So far, I've stopped taking bread because of the yeast and I've also stopped taking chicken or's just fish these days. No milk. Sometimes even though the food I took has very minimal amount of the forbidden food, it still triggers the eczema. Even though there is 0.00001 percent in the food product. I must really think what else I've been eating this past week that might contribute to this problem. I've also been doing a lot of research.....trying to find what else might be the cause of my eczema. I probably have to stop taking spaghetti and pasta for a while and see if there is any effect. Because from my research, I've read that a lot of people allergic to wheat/gluten. Since I've been suffering from it all my life.....and for as long as I can remember, I've always been taking wheat product, then perhaps I should stop taking it for a while and see if there is any changes. If it clears up......then perhaps, the wheat has got to go too!

Although it's been one week since I've seriously been taking the extra virgin olive oil and lime juice.......I don't see much of effect from taking them. I know it takes time to see any results. And I've been trying my best to drink a lot of water although  I sometimes forget to do so. I need to do a reminder perhaps at my hand phone to remind me every hour to drink water.'s a learning process for me. I'm trying to get it all into the habit. One day, it'll all be natural for me. It won't seem like a burden at all.

I haven't gone to see the doctor yet regarding my other health issues. Plan to do so tomorrow. There's always things that's diverting me from doing so. Hope tomorrow I get to see one. Need some explanations and suggestions from the doctor. Ok...over and to make some envelopes for the cards and hope to sleep early too. Will be working out again in the morning tomorrow at the park.......can't wait!
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

1 kg

I can't believe it! I checked my weight today and I lost another 1 kg! Wooooohooooo! Looks like the diet and exercise is working heheheh.... :D

So far it's been 6 days since I started working out seriously and practicing good dieting. The first 3 days was really really tough. My calves hurt so bad....I was walking like someone who is stepping on broken glasses haha......but I kept going to the park even though it hurts. I kinda like brisk walking a lot now.....especially at the park. Not sure if I'll ever start running any time soon. But I'm considering other forms of exercise that's available at the park that I would like to try. Aerobics perhaps? Hmmmmm.....considering it! :)

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Semangat yang hilang.....

 Mode: Nak tulis separuh Bahasa Malaysia and separuh Bahasa Inggeris.....boleh? :P

It's raining this hour of the night. Feeling slightly cold right now and sleepy. Leher rasa sakit sangat......tengah menahan kesakitan ni......selagi ada daya.

Lately......rasa macam tak bersemangat jer.....sebenarnya sejak beberapa hari ni, rasa kurang bersemangat. Naper entah. Semalam paling teruk.......aku nangis pasal ntah apa-apa ntah. Kekadang tu perasaan sedih tu datang dengan tiba-tiba. Secara mendadak.....tak dapat nak berhenti. Solutionnya? Nangis je laaaa.......sampai letih satu badan. Baru rasa lega skit lepas nangis puas-puas. Lepas tu, ubatnya? Tidor. Esok pagi, terus aku tak ingat lagi naper aku ada perasaan sedih tu. Simple kan? Tapi aku sangat bangga sebab dulu aku tak macam ni.  Dulu....kalau aku  rasa sedih, pasti aku akan mengambil tindakan -tindakan yang bodoh......tapi sekarang, bila aku sedih aku lebih suka mengambil sikap berdiam diri. Aku cuba tenangkan diri sendiri tanpa mengganggu orang lain. Aku ingat kat Allah jer. Sebab aku tahu, hanya Dia sahaja yang memahami diri ku ini.  Alhamdulillah........tidor tu dapat menyelesaikan perasaan sedih yang melampau tu. 

Satu hari aku tak dapat nak buat kerja. Sebabnya? Saudara dari jauh datang bertandang di rumah hari ni. Satu hari dihabiskan melayan tetamu. Tapi aku tak kisah.....aku suka. Depa memang of the best relatives I know. I love them a lot. :)

So....since satu hari tak buat kerja......maka malam ni aku kena tidor lewat la. Kerja yang ada tak siap-siap lagi. Mungkin juga sebab semangat ku yang hilang itu membuatkan aku agak lambat nak memulakan kerja. Asyik tertangguh jer. Banyak sebenarnya perkara yang penting harus diselesaikan. Perkara yang sangat-sangat penting. Risau gak aku memikirkannya. 

Hujan semakin lebat.........lebih baik aku off kan PC aku ni sebelum ada kilat.......risau takut rosak modem kalau ada kilat teruk. Hmmm.....lagipun, kerja harus disiapkan. Harap-harap ada something best datang dalam hidup aku esok........nak dapat balik semangat ku yang hilang.......
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Sunday, October 10, 2010

10th of October 2010

What's so special about this date? I don't know really. It's nothing special to me. Nothing beyond great happened today.....except that I managed to watch Maher Zain live on Nasi Lemak Kopi O this morning hehehe! Oh my God.....I couldn't believe my ears when he sang the song Insha Allah live on TV......I broke into tears.... His voice was like angels soothing to my ears and the lyrics was so touching. So close to my heart. He actually sang it better live....I was so surprised! So surreal! :) Too bad I am not able to see him perform in person at his Safe the Soul showcase  at Auditorium MBSA in Shah Alam on the 14th and 15th of October. Hope 'll get to catch his next showcase in Malaysia one day!

Well.....a lot of people are talking about how great it is and how wonderful it would be to do something special on this day with loved ones. Many are getting hitched today too! Including our first astronaut Dr Shiekh Muszaffar who weds his long time girlfriend and fiance' Dr Halina this morning. I saw some footage of their special day today on Nasi Lemak Kopi O and Nona. didn't seem as grand as I thought it would be. They said that it would be the wedding of the decade. Didn't seem that way to me at all. Probably because I've seen so many great ones already this much so that I was able to evaluate what is grand and what is not. if I'm such an expert on this matter! haha! I know I'm not......but who cares anyways right? What is important in my honest opinion is that they both will stay happily married till death do they part.They do look adorable together! :)

What did I do today....hmmm......well, I went for my workout again this morning.....cycling and brisk walking. I could feel the pain on my legs, especially the calves on both legs....they ache pretty bad as I walk. That shows that something is working! hehehe! The pain is I was able to continue with the workout with no problem at all. I hope I can continue doing this. The problem with me this year is that, there has been times when I workout, and then I would stop for a week.....then I continue back. In fact, I had stopped working out for two months already......because of the fasting month and the eid. Hmmmm.....I just gotta be focused. Stay focused!

As far as the diet's all good so far. Since I found out that I can't take black pepper anymore because it's heaty, I stopped adding it in my cooking today. I was afraid my vegetarian pasta would taste lousy if I didn't add it in but looks like it tasted ok! I'm so surprised actually...hehehe. I need to look for more recipes....I'm afraid I might get bored with the menus I have right now. So I better get busy searching for it! :)

I've been busy making cards too......never after another......oh gosh....I really hope I can get them all done before I go to KL again end of this month! I must I must! huhuhuhu...... I'm getting carried away making the quilled hot air balloons now.......making the quilled clouds is most interesting for me as well, coz it's super easy hehehe.....there are a lot of them on my table right now. :) My table is so messy.......I can't even find my quilling of it actually is missing in action......not sure where it is huhuhu., it must be hidden somewhere in the mountain of paper scraps hehehe....hope to find it real soon as it's one of the expensive ones I bought in KL huhuhuhu......this is usually the case right? When you want something, you can't seem to find it......and when you don't want it, it's always around! :I

I also got great offers today from some people I know. Great offers! Felt like I got special bonus this month hehehehe. Well, I know I've got a lot to be thankful for today. :)
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Saturday, October 9, 2010

A good start

Started my morning with a very long walk at the park. Cycled there and then did some brisk walking for about 10 rounds until my legs started to ache. It was good!  It was a good feeling! The weather was so nice and sunny.....I had a really good time walking there. I used to cycle a lot at a place nearby the park quite often. But I think lately I'm kinda bored doing that already. Furthermore, I can't stand the fumes I had to breathe in from the cars and other vehicles that passes by the cycling track. So perhaps the idea of brisk walking inside the park itself is a much better alternative right now. No need to worry about the smelly fumes and the air is much more fresh there. Plus, I get to see more people! Fun! :)

Went to Tesco and Giant with Maksu......and then went to have lunch at the kerabu mangga there. But now that I know mangoes are heaty for me.....looks like I can't eat that anymore. Bummer! I love kerabu mangga! So delicious! I'm slowly learning to adapt to the new diet. I've totally stopped taking bread since yesterday hehehehe. Which is like a huge sacrifice for me because I love eating it so much. Love eating Jacob's High Fibre Crackers as well.....but looks like I can't eat that anymore  either because of the yeast inside the ingredient. I never knew before that yeast can trigger eczema. If I only knew about it earlier. Why didn't the doctor tell me about this? Perhaps they didn't know about it either. Hmmmmm....... :I

I discovered something really cool today at the supermarket. Something that I never thought I would actually get myself into. But it's not complete yet. Need to get something else to match with it.....only then it will be complete. :) I'm so silly about this. But it's exciting because it's something I've never thought I would actually do. Totally spontaneous! Feels good to be spontaneous sometimes. :) Life is short.....if what I wanted to do is possible at the time......I won't hesitate to act upon it. Why not right? That's what kept going on my mind.......why not Lin....why not.......just do it!! :)

Going off to bed right now......kinda late already and I have to wake up early in the morning for my daily brisk walking in the park. Maher Zain will be on TV9 at 8.00am tomorrow so I have to do the brisk walking very early if I want to catch Maher Zain on time! hehehehe! He is so handsome and a very talented artist. I adore his voice so much! Makes me smile every time I listen to his songs. So it!
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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Extra virgin olive oil + lime juice

Yesterday I found a way to take the extra virgin olive oil without puking it out hehehehe. What I did was, I mix the extra virgin olive oil with lime juice. I squeezed one small lime (limau kasturi) and took it with a tablespoon of  extra virgin olive oil. It tasted so yummy! Unbelievable! :) I noticed that when I take it in the morning, I don't feel so hungry afterward. This really helps with my diet since I am always starving in the morning. Now, I won't eat so much like before. I can control how much I eat this way. The extra virgin olive oil helps make my stomach feel full. :)

I've also started cooking for myself since yesterday. Healthy recipes. My Mom was really surprised that I'm so motivated to change my eating habits. I guess when I am feeling so sick and in pain most of the helps with the motivation. I only want to feel good......and be healthy. That's all I'm thinking right now. Just so focused on that. Just want to be healthy again. If it means that I have to stop eating certain food or drink or what ever it is that is triggering my allergies and affecting my overall health. I'll stop it. For good if need be.

A good plan is important. If I don't have a's likely that I will fail achieving my goals. A simple plan is better than no plan at all. At least there is a plan in mind. Step by step......I will achieve what I set up to do. I know I can do this. It's possible! :)
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm back! :)

After 6 days of holiday in Kuala Lumpur, I'm finally back home. The journey back on the bus was so nice and pleasant. The weather was cool because it rained occasionally along the way. I must say the bus driver drove quite fast as we all arrived in Alor Setar quite early......much much earlier than I thought we would.....even though we left the bus station a little later than the schedule....

I was thinking of sleeping early tonight but it's already 11.25pm and I'm still online, blogging and checking my emails. I miss my PC so much!!!! Miss my studio too!! Gosh, I can't wait to start working many things to do......but I guess I'll start with the ones that's at the top of the priority  list first. 

I started my olive oil therapy tonight.......a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil before bedtime....and a glass of water to push it down my throat. :I I almost threw up after trying to swallow the olive oil. The taste was quite overwhelming at first......thank God for the helps eliminate the taste after wards. I'm actually following my friend's advise. She advised me to take it once in the morning and once at night before bedtime. It's good for my liver, thyroid and skin too it seems. Drinking 3 liters of water everyday is essential for me too because my body is so heaty. Actually lots of people when they shake my hands think that I have fever even though I don't. That's how hot my body temperature is. So the water will help balance it up. I knew about this water treatment long time ago but I always neglect to follow it religiously. So from now onwards I will make it a habit to take as much water as I can in a day. 

I am motivated to start my cycling and brisk walking again tomorrow's been a while. So I want to get back on track. I really need to do body needs it. I'm not fit enough and lack stamina. I want to feel good again. :) I've even thought of doing some more changes in my food intake. Since the Eid.....I've been taking more oily food than usual, which is not good for me. I was doing good during the fasting month but when the Eid came, everything just fell apart. So now, I want to start on a more balanced diet....more healthy food on the menu. And to do this, I have to start making my own recipes again. I can't expect my Mom to do it for me anymore because she just cannot accept it as she refuses to cook the dishes the way I'm suppose to eat them. She can't stay away from the frying and oily dishes. I on the other hand, really need to stay away from it for my health sake. At least 90% healthy food and only 10 % happy food hehehehehe....... :). I hope I'm strong enough to keep this up for a long period of time. In fact, I plan to have a balanced diet, for the rest of my's more of a life style......not a short term diet program.

All the best to you Lin! :)
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Monday, October 4, 2010

The vacation part 4

Today I managed to get a really good rest at home with my sis :). Didn't feel so good actually......thought I was coming down with fever in fact. Luckily the panadol helped a little. All that was needed was actually a really good rest.

The past few days here in KL was really wonderful :) I got the chance to meet up with some really cool new friends and old acquaintances. I must say that this trip was truly inspiring indeed. I realized how much I needed to come here once in a while not to just relax and unwind but also to be inspired and to inspire too. And to just be I suppose.... not forgetting the chance to be happy around people whom I enjoy hanging out with :). Bliss!

Gosh....I wish I didn't have to go back to Alor Setar just yet.......but what to money honey hehehehe. I've got a million things to do once I get back home. Accckkkk! The giveaway cards I have to make....huhuhu....lots of them! They are just waiting for me to get them done. That does not include the card orders scared just thinking about it. I seriously have to organize my time well and make sure I follow the schedule I've made too. I've been slipping my schedule a few times already......hmmm not good...not good at all. I need to learn to balance things up. I've got a new plan too for my workout and diet...heheheh.... ;) Can't wait to try it out!

Well........bye bye KL.....hope to see you again .....reaaaaaaaaaaallllllll SOON!!!! ;)
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Friday, October 1, 2010

The vacation part 3

Went to see Dr Suriati this some bad news from her about my tooth...... :( I immediately lost my good I gotta think happy thoughts.

To make things worse....I accidentally took antibiotics even though by right I wasn't supposed to eat it yet.........but since I thought the pain could be stopped by taking them....I took it anyways......I should have spoken to the doctor first instead of listening to the nurse......and I'm now starting to feel the side effects from it. Darn it! Why oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........ :( Bad mistake. Lesson learned.

Meet a new friend in the evening....had a really good time :) My tooth ached a lot during dinner....but I managed to cope with the pain. By the time the we all got home from dinner, the ache was a little less.....and panadol helped a lot. Eliminated the pain straight away. :I I really hope all will get better in due time. I'm supposed to see the doctor again in three months time for another scared just thinking about it....
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