Monday, October 4, 2010

The vacation part 4

Today I managed to get a really good rest at home with my sis :). Didn't feel so good actually......thought I was coming down with fever in fact. Luckily the panadol helped a little. All that was needed was actually a really good rest.

The past few days here in KL was really wonderful :) I got the chance to meet up with some really cool new friends and old acquaintances. I must say that this trip was truly inspiring indeed. I realized how much I needed to come here once in a while not to just relax and unwind but also to be inspired and to inspire too. And to just be I suppose.... not forgetting the chance to be happy around people whom I enjoy hanging out with :). Bliss!

Gosh....I wish I didn't have to go back to Alor Setar just yet.......but what to money honey hehehehe. I've got a million things to do once I get back home. Accckkkk! The giveaway cards I have to make....huhuhu....lots of them! They are just waiting for me to get them done. That does not include the card orders scared just thinking about it. I seriously have to organize my time well and make sure I follow the schedule I've made too. I've been slipping my schedule a few times already......hmmm not good...not good at all. I need to learn to balance things up. I've got a new plan too for my workout and diet...heheheh.... ;) Can't wait to try it out!

Well........bye bye KL.....hope to see you again .....reaaaaaaaaaaallllllll SOON!!!! ;)
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asma HazeLnut said...

memang best kan g vacation..hehehe..nak g jugak ni..xtau nak g mane..tapi tunggu gaji.. =)

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

memang best Asma bila dapat pegi vacation sekali's good for our mind and body! :) Hope you get to go on one someday! :)