Friday, October 1, 2010

The vacation part 3

Went to see Dr Suriati this some bad news from her about my tooth...... :( I immediately lost my good I gotta think happy thoughts.

To make things worse....I accidentally took antibiotics even though by right I wasn't supposed to eat it yet.........but since I thought the pain could be stopped by taking them....I took it anyways......I should have spoken to the doctor first instead of listening to the nurse......and I'm now starting to feel the side effects from it. Darn it! Why oh whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy........ :( Bad mistake. Lesson learned.

Meet a new friend in the evening....had a really good time :) My tooth ached a lot during dinner....but I managed to cope with the pain. By the time the we all got home from dinner, the ache was a little less.....and panadol helped a lot. Eliminated the pain straight away. :I I really hope all will get better in due time. I'm supposed to see the doctor again in three months time for another scared just thinking about it....
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lin.

So sorry about your tooth ache. In time all gets better and this will be behind you.

Remember, "This too shall pass".

Hang in there in the mean time.