Thursday, October 21, 2010

One at a time

I guess for the next few weeks or months perhaps, all I will be talking about here will have something to do with my health condition now. I can't help it. Sorry ya....I have to write it somewhere and I am most comfortable writing it here. Too lazy to write it elsewhere anyways.

It's been 4 days now since I went to the hospital and got the results. And until now I can't make a decision on what action I should take. It's so complicated because it involves a lot of other factors that I have to consider. There is also financial issues here. A surgery like that would cost me a lot of money, which I don't have. I'm depending a lot on others to help me out. So I guess for now, I'm taking a step by step action. Try to settle one issue at a time.

One other issue that I need to settle right now is my problem with eczema. Oh my gosh! I'm in love with this product! I have been trying to find a suitable lotion for my eczema for the longest time. In the end after doing a lot of research online, I found this product that is so so good for moisturizing my skin. Some lotions don't really work well for me......and I've been testing so many products in the market already. So far Palmer's is the best for now. :) I'm also taking Vitamin C and Multivitamins for it as well. I could see a lot of difference on my skin since I started using this product and taking those supplements. 

Didn't miss my workout today. Yay! Did only 5 full rounds of brisk walking at the park but I did cycled more on the way back. I'm beginning to like this routine. Especially since I'm losing the weight. Woohoo! Why didn't I do this earlier? I used to cycle a lot.......but just cycling alone won't do much and I've learn that lesson now. I'm amazed at how brisk walking has so much of impact. Imagine what running could do! I did try running at the park today......and man was it tough!!! I was huffing and puffing like crazy! Probably because of my big thyroid choking my airways....hehehehe....seriously, I couldn't run that much. So I ran a bit and brisk walk....and ran a bit and brisk walk.....can't run continuously though. Not yet.

Looking forward to the aerobic exercise tomorrow morning. Hope I will have some stamina for that hehehe. :)

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Lin.

Brisk walking is wonderful. I have been doing it almost every day since I got my dog 15 years ago. He passed this March and I miss him so much. Anyway, 2 years ago I got a puppy while my older dog was still alive.

I continue walking at least 4 miles a day many days as much as 8 miles. It is the best form of exercise I think since one can take the time to think, to plan, to unravel problems and to meditate. I walk year round even in the snow and frost.


Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Hi Barb..
So sorry to hear about your dog's passing.. :( But happy to hear you got a new puppy to walk with you every day :)

I agree with you...I too use the time when I walk to think, to plan and etc clears my mind too from any bad thoughts..and walking around nature is the best. It releases all the stress inside and calms me down. :)