Thursday, October 28, 2010

Macaroni soup

I didn't play badminton right hand still hurt pretty bad. :( So I just brisk walk at the park this morning and cycled too. I think something is wrong with my thighs too....especially my left thigh and my right knee. They hurt when I brisk walk. Sigh........side effects from the workouts I suppose. 

My Mom made this macaroni soup today with fish! Yummy! I kinda like eating like this nowadays. Less oil and lots of vegetables in it. :) Pretty healthy dish!
Tomorrow is aerobic exercise day at the park. I'm not sure if I can handle it huhuhuh......but I'm determined to give it my best shot! It's just too much fun to miss it.

It was a rainy afternoon that kept pouring till late in the evening. It's pretty cold right now.....making me sleepy.....but I'm still in the mood to work and blog and etc etc....but no matter what, I gotta sleep soon, otherwise, I won't be able to get up early tomorrow for my workout! :)

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Anonymous said...

Soup looks delicious. I love lots of veggies.