Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lovely morning

Even though I was aching all over, I got on my blue Raleigh and headed to the post office to make a delivery. I thought it would just be a waste of petrol to drive all the way there to deliver just one handmade card. After all, I needed to get out of the house and exercise no matter what. So I didn't brisk walk or played badminton today......I just cycled for about an hour. That alone made my buttock cramp! haha! Job done! Exercise done! :P

It rained last night......but it stopped early in the morning. So I didn't have trouble cycling to the post office that early. But as I cycled back home.....there were signs of rain coming by again. I could tell by the smell of the air and the cool breeze on my face as I slowly paddled my blue Raleigh. And it did. Around 10.00am. Aaaaaahhhhh.....the weather right now is so so so nice! Not too hot and not too cold.....just lovely!

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