Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I'm back! :)

After 6 days of holiday in Kuala Lumpur, I'm finally back home. The journey back on the bus was so nice and pleasant. The weather was cool because it rained occasionally along the way. I must say the bus driver drove quite fast as we all arrived in Alor Setar quite early......much much earlier than I thought we would.....even though we left the bus station a little later than the schedule....

I was thinking of sleeping early tonight but it's already 11.25pm and I'm still online, blogging and checking my emails. I miss my PC so much!!!! Miss my studio too!! Gosh, I can't wait to start working many things to do......but I guess I'll start with the ones that's at the top of the priority  list first. 

I started my olive oil therapy tonight.......a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil before bedtime....and a glass of water to push it down my throat. :I I almost threw up after trying to swallow the olive oil. The taste was quite overwhelming at first......thank God for the helps eliminate the taste after wards. I'm actually following my friend's advise. She advised me to take it once in the morning and once at night before bedtime. It's good for my liver, thyroid and skin too it seems. Drinking 3 liters of water everyday is essential for me too because my body is so heaty. Actually lots of people when they shake my hands think that I have fever even though I don't. That's how hot my body temperature is. So the water will help balance it up. I knew about this water treatment long time ago but I always neglect to follow it religiously. So from now onwards I will make it a habit to take as much water as I can in a day. 

I am motivated to start my cycling and brisk walking again tomorrow's been a while. So I want to get back on track. I really need to do body needs it. I'm not fit enough and lack stamina. I want to feel good again. :) I've even thought of doing some more changes in my food intake. Since the Eid.....I've been taking more oily food than usual, which is not good for me. I was doing good during the fasting month but when the Eid came, everything just fell apart. So now, I want to start on a more balanced diet....more healthy food on the menu. And to do this, I have to start making my own recipes again. I can't expect my Mom to do it for me anymore because she just cannot accept it as she refuses to cook the dishes the way I'm suppose to eat them. She can't stay away from the frying and oily dishes. I on the other hand, really need to stay away from it for my health sake. At least 90% healthy food and only 10 % happy food hehehehehe....... :). I hope I'm strong enough to keep this up for a long period of time. In fact, I plan to have a balanced diet, for the rest of my's more of a life style......not a short term diet program.

All the best to you Lin! :)
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Lin.

Please do not drink that much water. 3 liters is WAY too much and it is too hard on your kidneys.

If you want to bring down the fire, eat cooling foods such as these below.

Do not eat many foods that cause heat (list below).

Cool (yin) Foods:

Bamboo shoot, banana, bitter gourd, clam, crab, grapefruit, lettuce, persimmon, salt, seaweed, star fruit, sugar cane, water chestnut, watermelon, lotus root, cucumber, barley, bean curd, chicken egg white, marjoram, oyster, pear, peppermint, radish, strawberry, tangerine, and yogurt, broccoli, cauliflower, zuccini, corn, tomatoes, pineapple, turmeric.

Heaty (yang) Foods:

Pepper, cinnamon bark, ginger, soybean oil, red and green pepper, chicken, apricot seed, brown sugar, cherry, chestnut, chive, cinnamon twig, clove, coconut, coffee, coriander (Chinese parsley), date, dillseed, eel, garlic, grapefruit peel, green onion, guava, ham, leaf mustard, leek, longan, mutton, nutmeg, peach, raspberry, rosemary, shrimp, spearmint, sweet basil, tobacco, vinegar, walnut, jackfruit, durian, leek, shallots, spring onion, , apricots, blackberries, black currant, mangoes, peaches, cherry, mandarin orange, grape


Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Thank you Barb! I'm printing this one out for reference :)