Friday, October 22, 2010

Feeling good!

Pretty excited today because for the first time in so many years I get to do aerobic at the park. So many people attended and participated in this morning's aerobic session. It was so much fun! Gosh! I wish I had done this sooner but luckily I didn't earlier because I know I needed the stamina first. Luckily the brisk walking helped! After almost 2 weeks of brisk walking I finally got enough stamina to do the aerobic this morning non stop for 1 hour an a half. The aerobics instructor was pretty good and the steps were quite easy to follow. 

But I must say, I can't do the poco-poco. A few times they included the poco-poco in the aerobic exercise and it looked like fun but I just can't seem follow the steps. I just kept staring at their moves hahaha.....they are so good at it already. But I'm not the only one staring.....lots of others there who are not familiar with that dance routine and they kept staring too hahahaha.  Perhaps in time I will be able to do it :). We had to pay the aerobic instructor RM3.00 for the whole session this morning and I think it was cheap! hehe....I don't mind paying that much once a week. For all that she did for us this morning.....which was a lot, so I consider it was worth it. I was sweating like God knows what after the t-shirt was really wet!! I haven't felt this great for so long. Reminded me of the time I was studying in ITM.....I did a lot of workout back then. I feel really great today. I can't wait for the next session next Friday morning! :)

This is my favourite salad lately hehe......thinly sliced celery sticks and chopped tomatoes with slices of onions...mixed with the juice of  lima kasturi. Yummy!! I really love eating raw celery these days. It tastes so good! I also love using it for my pasta dishes. It tastes a little different when cooked....not as crunchy as eating it raw. But I try to add it in at the last minute when cooking to maintain a bit of it's crunchiness hehehee. Honestly I prefer eating vegetables that can be eaten raw. Great way to get live enzymes. I'm just tired of eating cooked vegies......been consuming too much of it already since small....and what good does it do for me? Not much really. Nothing much of goodness is left after it's cooked other than getting fiber from it.

I just have to finish doing those giveaway cards today no matter what! I just gotta!!! I've got important cards to make for some clients that needs getting done as well so, I just need to get those giveaway cards outa my way so that I can concentrate on those other orders. slow laaaaa......why so slow.....faster faster Lin.....still got a lot of clouds to make! 3 clouds x 10 cards = 30 clouds to make....1 cloud = 6 quilled that means 3 clouds x 6 quilled circles = 18 quilled circles.....18 quilled circles x 10 cards = 180 quilled circles??????!!!!!! YIKES!!!! I better get going!! I've only done 4 cards so far....oooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....lots more to do! :D
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As Ahmad said...

bila mengira memang seram kan? hehe~ as tengah buat gift tag untuk wedding kaklong. kena siapkan 1000 sblm christmas. memang rs cm nak tecabut jari ni. ngaaa~ gogo kak lin! :D

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

1000???? OMG!! Banyaknyer! Hope ada adik2 yg menolong As membuatnye hehehe...kalau tak memang leh tercabut jari tangan tu hehehe...chaiyo!chaiyo! As!

Memang seram As bila mengira quilled shapes ni...penuh meja ni dengan awan2 putih hehehe....untuk November and December belum pikir lagi nak wat apa for giveaway...haish...makin lama makin banyak kena wat huhuh...seramsssss hehehe

kakyong said...

salas mcm ni memang best.. kalo amalkan ahri2 leh turun berat badan...


Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

ha'ah...betul tu kak yong....memang dah turun skit sejak mengamalkannya hehehe