Saturday, October 16, 2010


WOW....what a day! I was out from morning till evening! So packed with activities today. Cycling, brisk walking....then went to see the doctor at the clinic (hehehe...dapat jumpa doktor cute, baru grad agaknya...a bit blur2 gitu but very very nice!).....and then went to the hospital (unfortunately, have to go there again on Monday coz the surgeon is not in :( .... ).....and then went to the post office to post the giveaway prizes (hehehe dapat jumpa that cute postal clerk again....sigh, adik, awatlah hang comei lote sangat hehehehe ;)) .......and then went to catch a movie -----> ENTHIRAN! Yeah!!! I've been wanting to watch this movie ever since I found out about it online. I went with my aunt who is also a fan of Rajinikanth. :) I adore this guy since I was a teenager. Love his acting, his films.....he is great....a real super star!

Something funny happened as we were waiting inside the theater before the film started. A couple of Indian boys seated beside my aunt asked her...."Makcik...Makcik nak tengok cerita apa ya?", then my aunt answered, "Makcik nak tengok cerita Enthiran laaa.."....then of the boys said, "Tapi, cerita ni cerita Tamil Makcik.....Makcik faham ka depa cakap Tamil?" hahahahahhahahaha! I just couldn't stop laughing!!! We both assured the boys that we can understand, because there will be English subtitles in the, no worries, for we surely will understand every bit of the film. :D I bet they thought that we were in the wrong theater LOL! And most of the Indians there were staring at us.....they must be wondering why these two Malay ladies want to watch this film......little did they know that a lot of Malays love to watch Tamil films......I was there all because of Rajinikanth.....and it was all worth it! :)

I was really surprised with the story line......a little different from the way Rajinikanth films used to be.  A lot of CGI in this film. It was crazy funny as well. I was laughing a lot I tell ya!! All in all, I still prefer his older films.....Padaiyappa, Muthu, Sivaji The Boss and Chandramukhi......more charisma and of course great punchlines. I especially love how he moves and the tricks he would do in his films.....amazing tricks I tell ya! He is totally awesome! I would strongly recommend people to go and watch this's more amazing to watch it at the cinema! :)

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Mr Lonely said...

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Azilah said...

Kak lin first time saya komen kat sini.. but that was really funny.. diorang tanye soalan tu sangat comel

:) Azilah

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Mr Lonely....thank you again for visiting! :)

Azilah...thank you for visiting my personal blog hehehe.....yup, those boys were really funny...makes me laugh every time I think about it hehehe