Saturday, October 30, 2010

Black eyed bird

Didn't go for my workout this morning huhuhuhuhu.......all because I slept so late last night around 2.00am......why? I was busy making a last minute birthday card for my Mom's friend. I'm happy that I managed to get it done on time and the birthday gal was so happy to receive it! Woohoo!

Was very busy all day.....I only managed to get online at night. But it's so biggie. At least I got most of the work done for the day., the big question. What kind of bird is that?? Does anybody know?? I took a photo of the bird from inside the house. I was looking at it through the kitchen window. It sat there quietly and didn't move an inch! So I was so tempted to capture it on camera and I did it! I just gotta find out what kind of bird this is . I've never seen it before here at our garden. There are so many types of birds that visit our garden every day....they like it here because we have so many big trees around with big branches they can rest on. 

The bird's eye looks pretty creepy. It's pitch black! It didn't make a sound at all......too bad.....I  sure would like to know what it sounds like. My Mom said that it's a dove....a type of dove......I DON'T THINK SO!! Cannot be laaaaaaaa..........hmmmmm.....I must investigate!!! 

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