Friday, October 29, 2010

Aerobic day

I love Friday!!! Because Friday is aerobic day! haha! I'm beginning to fall in love with this type of exercise. Perhaps because it has some relations with dancing. It's so cool when everyone did the routines simultaneously. Doing the same steps and moving the body to the beat of the music and sweating it out! 

Surprisingly I was ok! My body didn't hurt that much this morning, so I didn't have a hard time doing the routines. The best part was when I finally memorized the steps for one of the dancing routines. I was clueless last week but this week I finally got it!! Weeeehooooooo!!! I was so damn happy! hahaha! It's so wonderful! That particular dance step is definitely a favourite among the crowd. We all loved it! Even though it rained a bit, we all stayed on and continued exercising. :) Now I'm officially addicted to aerobics!! haha!!

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