Sunday, October 10, 2010

10th of October 2010

What's so special about this date? I don't know really. It's nothing special to me. Nothing beyond great happened today.....except that I managed to watch Maher Zain live on Nasi Lemak Kopi O this morning hehehe! Oh my God.....I couldn't believe my ears when he sang the song Insha Allah live on TV......I broke into tears.... His voice was like angels soothing to my ears and the lyrics was so touching. So close to my heart. He actually sang it better live....I was so surprised! So surreal! :) Too bad I am not able to see him perform in person at his Safe the Soul showcase  at Auditorium MBSA in Shah Alam on the 14th and 15th of October. Hope 'll get to catch his next showcase in Malaysia one day!

Well.....a lot of people are talking about how great it is and how wonderful it would be to do something special on this day with loved ones. Many are getting hitched today too! Including our first astronaut Dr Shiekh Muszaffar who weds his long time girlfriend and fiance' Dr Halina this morning. I saw some footage of their special day today on Nasi Lemak Kopi O and Nona. didn't seem as grand as I thought it would be. They said that it would be the wedding of the decade. Didn't seem that way to me at all. Probably because I've seen so many great ones already this much so that I was able to evaluate what is grand and what is not. if I'm such an expert on this matter! haha! I know I'm not......but who cares anyways right? What is important in my honest opinion is that they both will stay happily married till death do they part.They do look adorable together! :)

What did I do today....hmmm......well, I went for my workout again this morning.....cycling and brisk walking. I could feel the pain on my legs, especially the calves on both legs....they ache pretty bad as I walk. That shows that something is working! hehehe! The pain is I was able to continue with the workout with no problem at all. I hope I can continue doing this. The problem with me this year is that, there has been times when I workout, and then I would stop for a week.....then I continue back. In fact, I had stopped working out for two months already......because of the fasting month and the eid. Hmmmm.....I just gotta be focused. Stay focused!

As far as the diet's all good so far. Since I found out that I can't take black pepper anymore because it's heaty, I stopped adding it in my cooking today. I was afraid my vegetarian pasta would taste lousy if I didn't add it in but looks like it tasted ok! I'm so surprised actually...hehehe. I need to look for more recipes....I'm afraid I might get bored with the menus I have right now. So I better get busy searching for it! :)

I've been busy making cards too......never after another......oh gosh....I really hope I can get them all done before I go to KL again end of this month! I must I must! huhuhuhu...... I'm getting carried away making the quilled hot air balloons now.......making the quilled clouds is most interesting for me as well, coz it's super easy hehehe.....there are a lot of them on my table right now. :) My table is so messy.......I can't even find my quilling of it actually is missing in action......not sure where it is huhuhu., it must be hidden somewhere in the mountain of paper scraps hehehe....hope to find it real soon as it's one of the expensive ones I bought in KL huhuhuhu......this is usually the case right? When you want something, you can't seem to find it......and when you don't want it, it's always around! :I

I also got great offers today from some people I know. Great offers! Felt like I got special bonus this month hehehehe. Well, I know I've got a lot to be thankful for today. :)
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