Friday, October 15, 2010

1 week!

It's been 7 days already since I started working out at the park. I was thinking of doing aerobics but when I saw their routine this morning, I chickened out hehehehe. I do not have the stamina to do all that yet. Perhaps by next week I'll be able to do it. It looks like fun! And I really do want to try it.

My eczema is not getting any better yet so far. It's so painful.  My feet are so swollen, so damn itchy, so dry, it cracks, and bleed when scratched or don't scratch know, the works. Amazing how I can actually  brisk walk sometimes and put on a big smile on my face. The thing is I just don't know what else it triggering it. So far, I've stopped taking bread because of the yeast and I've also stopped taking chicken or's just fish these days. No milk. Sometimes even though the food I took has very minimal amount of the forbidden food, it still triggers the eczema. Even though there is 0.00001 percent in the food product. I must really think what else I've been eating this past week that might contribute to this problem. I've also been doing a lot of research.....trying to find what else might be the cause of my eczema. I probably have to stop taking spaghetti and pasta for a while and see if there is any effect. Because from my research, I've read that a lot of people allergic to wheat/gluten. Since I've been suffering from it all my life.....and for as long as I can remember, I've always been taking wheat product, then perhaps I should stop taking it for a while and see if there is any changes. If it clears up......then perhaps, the wheat has got to go too!

Although it's been one week since I've seriously been taking the extra virgin olive oil and lime juice.......I don't see much of effect from taking them. I know it takes time to see any results. And I've been trying my best to drink a lot of water although  I sometimes forget to do so. I need to do a reminder perhaps at my hand phone to remind me every hour to drink water.'s a learning process for me. I'm trying to get it all into the habit. One day, it'll all be natural for me. It won't seem like a burden at all.

I haven't gone to see the doctor yet regarding my other health issues. Plan to do so tomorrow. There's always things that's diverting me from doing so. Hope tomorrow I get to see one. Need some explanations and suggestions from the doctor. Ok...over and to make some envelopes for the cards and hope to sleep early too. Will be working out again in the morning tomorrow at the park.......can't wait!
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As Ahmad said...

kak lin dear, sok jmp dokto, hope dpt ubat yg lbh sesuai :) will pray also for you mudah²an any effort that you make, will give positive result ♥

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Thank you so much As....doa2kan ye...semoga Kak Lin dapat petunjuk dari Tuhan....Kak Lin dah macam hilang arah jap...pening pun ada....masalah tak selesai2...harap2 doktor tu dapat tolong. Thanks again dear!

As Ahmad said...

huhu.. jgn hilang arah! insyaAllah, tengok sok doktor kate pe. btw, have you try aloe vera?

Grace to You said...

Oh Azlina, I'm so sorry to know that you suffer with eczema! I too have a predisposition to it, and I remember having a case so severe when I was a teenager that I used to lay in bed at night and wish I could just cut my legs off so I could get some relief.

The one thing I've found to treat it that actually works is lactic acid. It comes in a lotion and is hard to get here in the US; the pharmacy usually has to special order it, and it's not cheap. But it really works, for me at least. It burns like fire when you put it on the affected area, but that helps with the itching, so I actually kind of like it.

I hope you find some relief soon!


Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

As....Kak Lin dah cuba macam2 dah...termasuklah Aloe Vera....tak menjadi pun... :( Thanks anyways for your concern dear...

Sandi...yeah sometimes I wish I can cut my legs hurts like crazy....itches like crazy now on a strict diet...hopefully it will help relieve it. Didn't know about the lactic acid....will find out about it ...thank you dear! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Lin.

Here is some good information about eczema.

Have you tried the bleach in your bathwater? This is what helped my nephew very much. He has many food allergies - eggs, shellfish, peanut butter and many others. A doctor suggested the bleach.

Take care, dear.


Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Thank you so much for the link Barb! I love it! A lot of good infos that can help with my eczema problem :)

I haven't tried the bleach yet because I always have open sores at my eczema. Will wait till my eczema is a little better before I do it. Thanks Barb! :)