Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wire wrapped blue Agate

I received a gift in the mail today from my dear pal from USA. I didn't even realize that the postman came over to the house because I was busy taking a shower at the time he slip it in between the gate of the house. My dear friend alarmed me about it when she came over to send me some goodies to eat that she and her Mom bought from the market. Luckily she came over and told me about it otherwise I didn't even know the package was even there! LOL!

So quickly I went inside after that and opened it........tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! Wow! It is a wire wrapped blue Agate ornament. I love the color so much!!! I was thinking of what to do with it......kept looking around my studio, and thinking of where to hang it. But then, I thought to myself.....if I took out the small bell hanging from it....and find me a leather string......I can actually wear it the blue Agate!!! It will be like a big pendant! hehehe! What do you think??? I think it will be so cool! hehehe! LOVE IT!!! Thank you dear CC for this lovely gift!!
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CC said...

Hi, Sweetie!
I'm glad you liked it! I had so many pals want to use them as pendants too! Each one is so different & unique. I'm thinking of doing some wire wrapped crystals too. I wear mine every day. It's wrapped like your agate & I used tigertail instead of leather! But it's yours, so just enjoy!
Love you!

Azlina Abdul said...

Hello Sweetheart!
Yup! I'm loving it very much! I definitely want to make it into a pendant.... :))))