Monday, January 11, 2010

Chocolat Wrapper

Recently I was introduced to this lovely website that does chocolate wrappers for weddings, birthdays, custom design, holidays, special occasions and business. This lovely business offers unique chocolate wrapper designs and prints not found anywhere else. The owner (Miss Fida), herself wanted to exchange links with me which I was so happy to do so hehehe! Especially since I love her website a lot. :)

The chocolates are handmade by her own relative. So all she is does is wrap the handmade chocolates and do the design on the wrapper to make them look special. I have seen her designs and I do think they are very beautiful....elegant and modern too. There are designs available at her website that are suitable for everyone's need. You can even have the wrapper custom made according to your preference. You can also have your own photo printed on it too! Isn't that so cool?? It would be lovely especially for occasions such as engagements or weddings and even for birthdays.

The size of the chocolate bar is 12cm x 3.5cm. The flavors that are available are Cappuccino, Hazel Nut, Almond Nut, Milk Bar & Mix Nuts.

This home business is located in Cheras. :) Here are the contact details of this "yummy" business ehehehe! Do visit her website today!

Phone: (012) 648 0610
Fax: (603) 9076 0977

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Fyda said...


Just noticed ur revieww
im soo touched haha
thank you...thank you so much for promoting my business :)

thank you once againnnnnn!

Azlina Abdul said...

Hi're most welcome!;) It was my pleasure!