Sunday, December 30, 2018


It's always a sad thing to see my blog neglected like this. Things happen and I can't help it that I don't have the time to blog as often as I want to. God knows how many times I want to write but things get in the way. I just had to blog about Stormy. Just 2 days left before 2018 draws it's curtain and I need to write this before it's too late. I might add some more facts later on when I have the time, but for now, I'll write about how Stormy came into my life.

For those who follow me on my Instagram, they would already know about Stormy. Every other day I would do an update about her. She came into my life last October. To be exact, I found her on the 18th of October 2018 in my own garden. She was screaming away like crazy. Sounding so desperate for help. I knew something was not right. I heard that scream the night before around 9.00pm. At that time I thought the sound came from the roof of our house. Never did I imagine that the little kitten was actually in my garden that night! There was a storm that night. Very heavy rain. The screaming became louder and louder. I couldn't help but wonder why the kitten was screaming so helplessly. If there was a mother....why didn't the mother comfort her. The sound was so disturbing. When it was time for me to sleep, I could still hear the screaming on and off. I suppose, she must have been tired of screaming and took a rest at times.

I couldn't sleep very well that night. I kept thinking of Manja. The stray cat that died in 2016 at our house. She died trying to give birth. It was a nightmare for me to see her die that way. I'm still traumatized about it till today. Whenever I see a cat, I'll be reminded of Manja. So when I heard that little kitten screaming, I kept thinking of Manja's babies that died with her. I cried myself to sleep that night.

The next day, the maid to our house. So we were busy that day. There was rain throughout the day. Off and on, I would hear the screaming. It was just so weird to hear a kitten STILL screaming since the night before. In my mind...I kept thinking, what on earth is the mother cat doing??? Where the hell are they anyway? Are they at my house of someone else's house?? WHERE!!! The screaming is killing me!

Finally....late in the afternoon, around 6.00pm....I went outside the house to see Bulat, my Kaloi. I wanted to feed her. At that time, I heard the screaming again....but it was not as loud as I heard before. Every time the kitten screamed, I tried to locate it. I followed my lead me to the back of the house. I couldn't see anything. I almost gave up and was about to go back into the house when I heard the scream again and saw something small moving on the ground near the wall at the back of our house. Under the metal scraps and old wood, I saw this little new born kitten, with it's umbilical cord still on her. Luckily she moved. If she hadn't done that, I wouldn't have noticed her from far.

Immediately I ran inside the house to get some cloth to wrap the kitten with. The kitten was soaking wet!! My heart broke into pieces seeing her like that. I didn't stop to think if I did the right thing taking her in. If the her mother wanted to get her, she would have done so earlier. I mean, she had the whole entire day to do that, but she didn't get her little kitty. Until today I wondered why was Stormy left there all alone. How many siblings does she have? Who are her real mother and father?? 

To cut the story short, I had a hard time taking care of her. Because at that time, I was not well. At the time, I had a very serious eczema issue on my feet. It was just so bad, so much so that I had a hard time walking. I hadn't been taking good care of myself for almost a year. Not only did I not avoid foods that harm my body, I also ate a lot of it....A LOT!!! And because of that, my body just couldn't take it anymore. I had to detoxify my body immediately! It wasn't easy because once I start eating those foods that harm me, I just couldn't stop! October was just the hardest time I had in 2018. 

Ok, back to Stormy. Obviously I named her Stormy because I figured she was born during the storm. I assumed she was born on the 17th because I heard her scream the night before. Just so you know, I have no experience at all at taking care of new born kittens. I had to Google to educate myself about how to take care of her. I learned a lot from a YouTuber called the (KittenLady). Her videos are great! So easy to understand. Because of her videos, I was able to be a mother to Stormy. I may not be a great Mom, but I sure hell tried my best! LOL!

Stormy is almost 3 months old now. Although she is a handful, she is family now. :)

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Grace to You said...

You did such a good job taking care of such a helpless little thing! I'm sure you have a friend for life in her.

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Grace to You....Thank you Sandi, I sure do! We are bonded for life! <3