Tuesday, April 12, 2011


What a day! Since morning till now....non stop action hahaha. LOL! Well....it all has to do with work that's all....nothing special  :P. Managed to get done so many things today! Yay! I'm so happy that after so many months of postponing taking my sick computer to the shop, finally I did it today. And what a shock! It was just a minor problem?? Gosh....I should have taken it earlier. But because I was so bloody busy with work, I kept postponing and postponing.......and did my business with the help of my hand phone and my aunt's laptop all this while. So hopefully from now onwards, I can do business without disturbing my aunt's laptop....hehehe. That laptop has saved me so many times already. So did the phone actually. :)

Oh! Finally today......I got me the box of goat's milk that I was so excited about for the past few months. I've heard so much of great stories about it's benefits and goodness to one's health. I'm taking it mainly for my eczema problem. And from today onwards as well, I'll stop taking cow's milk altogether. It's goat's milk from now on! hehe! I haven't tasted it yet. But a lot of my friends are saying it tastes so good. I really hope so! Will blog about it if there are improvements to my health after taking it. I'll have to wait at least a month to get any results though. Can't wait! :)

And last but not least......finally I get to write again today. I haven't written here for quite a while. The last time I wrote anything here was in March. I used to write almost everyday. But can't do that as often as I like to these days. Been so caught up with work. So much to quill these days. So little time. I try to organize my time the best I can and get all the important things done. At the end of the day.....what must be done, must be done....no other way around it. Do or die lorrr :P.

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CC said...

Can you have goat cheese too? Here they mix it with olive oil & herbs & spread it on some bread. Yummy!
Love you!

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Hello sweetie!
I'm still looking for goat cheese here in Alor Setar...not easy to find them here. I've never tasted it before so I'm really looking forward to try it someday. Goat cheese with olive oil and herbs! Sounds yummy!!

Love you too sweetie!