Thursday, March 24, 2011

Miss you...

Gosh....I have to write as fast as I can now. So hard up for time these days....even to write here in my personal blog is no longer a luxury. I have to really schedule what I want to do each day because there's just so many things I need to get done and I have commitments now to two elderly woman who depend on me to run their errands every now and then. It's tough......but somebody has to do it....and that somebody is me hehehehe. :D

I miss chatting with my friends.......miss a whole lot of things! I just have to be patient for a while because all these things I'm doing is actually just has to  be done. So.....sorry friends.....if I don't get to talk to you as often as I would love to. I have to prioritize.....that's all. I hope in time, I get to have some time off for leisure. In fact, I am planning for some "ME" time tomorrow. I want to go catch a movie hehehehe! I haven't done that in quite a while now. Hope all will turn out well tomorrow.

I thank God that I still have my Facebook account and I get to keep up with what's going on with my friends there. It's a life saver hahahaha. Yeah, what would I do without Facebook. LOL! And thank God nowadays I get to go on FB at any time I like at home or anywhere there is Wifi...... ;). Loving it!

Oh yeah! I also miss my dear dear crochet project that I am working on. It's still at the beginning stage.....gosh I wonder when it's going to start looking like a handbag! hahah! I only get to crochet it when I'm at my aunt's house coz I need her to coach me on crocheting it. It's pretty tough to make and I need my crochet master around to guide me haha. But at's looking good so far....and I'm so happy about it. I've never been so happy about crochet as much as this before in my life. For once..... hehe!

Oh! Oh! Before I forget!! I actually lost 3 kg this month!!! Wooohooooo!!!! I feel great!! I've been eating well and been exercising consistently since I got back from KL and I couldn't be happier that things are working out as well as they are now. I miss cycling though. I haven't cycled for quite a while now. Before....I used to cycle to the park......but now that my aunt is still not fit to drive, I have to drive to us to the park. I could cycle in the evening though but since I can't afford the time, so I only go for my workout in the morning. Hopefully in the next couple of months I get to cycle again :).

Miss so many things....................but.....soon I will get to do what I want to do, I'm sure of it. ;)

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