Friday, March 11, 2011

Be patient

A very tiring day. Don't feel too good the past few days either actually. Probably due to the side effects of the medicine I'm taking. Aching neck, shoulders and head. :( But I know this will be over pretty soon. It was like that before so I kinda knew this was going to happen now. I just have to be patient and wait for it to end.

Was really shocked this afternoon to find out about the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan. It's the worst ever in 140 years! I saw on the news how the quake and tsunami had caused destruction to the affected areas in Northern Japan. It's so sad to see this happening again.  My prayers goes out to the people of Japan right now.... :(

I'm trying my level best to be patient with people who are testing my patience  :P....seriously......I'm trying my level best here. I sometimes surprise myself with how I react to all this tests that keeps on coming my way. I keep thinking why I'm so calm about them sometimes. I'm surprised how I can just ignore the tests and let things flow. I guess I'm doing this to take care of my heart as well. I don't want to get so stressed over these matters.....I don't want to get high blood pressure unnecessarily at this age. :P So to those who are trying your level best to annoy me......I say thanks, lots and lots of thanks.....and bye bye.....please go away and never come back! :P

I see who are truly sincere to me and who are makes me appreciate those who are even more now. I feel so grateful to have them around. Blessed I am ......not that I didn't realise it before but I'm just so appreciative about it now. It's a gift indeed. :)

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