Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The pen

Pretty exhausting day.

But full of surprises and good news. Alhamdulillah. :)

Drove out to my fave stationery shop this afternoon to get some supplies but after shopping there I lost one item on my way back to my car. Booohooohoo... :'( I didn't realise that the plastic bag was torn  at the bottom and the pen I bought slipped out of it as I was walking towards the car. I only realised it was lost the minute I reached home. Sigh.......I was really looking forward to do some experiments with that pen. For sketching mostly and for writing wordings on cards. Luckily it was not that expensive. But I was not upset about losing money over the lost pen. I was upset because I was so excited on using the pen and right this instant I can't. Gotta go and get a new one soon. 

Funny how one small thing like that can be such a huge deal for me. It's not like I lost a piece of gold or some jewelry. It was just a pen! There's something about the things that are related to my craft work that somehow gives such a huge impact on me. And the strange thing is, I found out that, it's not just me. Some of my friends feels the same way about it too. We sometimes feel like it's a waste of money to spend on a lot of clothes or other girly stuff. But we never feel it's waste of money to spend on our craft materials. Strange. 

We would always give excuses for buying them. No matter how silly the excuses can be. As long as we get them. Sooner or later......we have to have it! It's in our wish list. hehe! And yes.....that pen, was in my wish list. Believe it or not......

p.s. I hope whoever found the pen is having loads of fun with it.... :P 

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As said...

kak lin, m so sorry to hear about the pen :'( me also bought one storage box at the gardens last friday, then when i came home i realize that there's no divisions inside it like the sample displayed T.T punah segala harapan. huhu~

perhaps, craft tools is the real gold for us. perhaps, craft tools is the most precious things that can only make us feel.. COMPLETE :')

esok kuar cr baru terus masuk dalam handbag ye? ^^

p/s: love the new look of this blog! ♥

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

As dear....so sorry to hear about the craft tool box...ohhh I know how you feel now... so sad :( Hate being in that situation kan?

You are right....having or owning all the craft stuff makes us feel so complete...hehe...funny isn't it?? Some people might think that we are so silly to think that way....but for us, we feel normal about it...nothing wrong at all.

Yup! The minute I get the new pen, I'll put it straight in my handbag! That's a good advice! Thanks As! ;)

So happy to know that you love the new look of my blog. I knew you would love it! It's our favourite color! ;)

mangosteenskin said...

same here lin! believe it or not...dalam setahun...maybe sekali je mango beli pencuci muka. Tapi kalau beli benda2 yang berkaitan kraf, sebulan nak juga 2-3 kali. setiap kali keluar, tak lupa untuk wondow-shopping buku2 kraf atau stationery. Now, setiap kali nak keluar, risau sebab dah tak ada baju, tudung, kasut dan jeans yang elok utk dipakai...mulalah rasa menyesal. Hehe.

love the blog look too Lin, the dotties are so girlish yet simple. the color is refreshing too :). kalau masa skolah2 dulu my friend kata warna petronas...hehe.

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Mango...kita leh geng! hehe! I guess all crafters have that same behavior I suppose. We love things related to craft and art more than anything else.

Ha'ah la Mango...memang warna petronas gitu ekekeke! But yes, I do love shades of blue and I'm a little feminine as well...but I never go overboard...so this layout suits me very well. I'm happy to know you love it hehe! :)

CC said...

Hi, Sweetie! Sorry about your pen! Once we moved hear I lost a box of ALL my favorite things!!! My special scissors, my Grandmother's thimble, etc!!! I am still heartbroken & pray God will someday show me where it's at!!! So I REALLY understand losing our precious supplies!!!
Love you!

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Hello sweetie!
Oh my goodness! I would be so heartbroken too if I were in your situation! :'( You lost more than I did.I hope you'll be able to find it someday too! We'll pray together ya!

I'm glad you understand how I felt....we are in the same boat and think the same about these things as well. Most crafters I know feel the same way too. Our tools and materials are our most precious things no? ;)

Love you very much!