Friday, January 7, 2011


A view from the window in my's been raining all day......hujan rahmat :).
Cuaca mendung jer.... sejuknya Tuhan saja yang tahu. Rasa macam tinggal di luar negeri pun ada hehehehe!

Dah banyak hari dah asyik hujan ja di sini........harap-harap tak ada la nak banjir pula dalam masa yang terdekat nih di sini.

Hmmm.....can't help but think about what happened yesterday was a really memorable day. I'll never see  my Paypal the same way again hehehehe. I guess there's always a first in everything. So happy about that. :)

Even though it's just the first month of the year......kekadang rasa macam lemah semangat pun ada. But....I'm trying my best to keep myself motivated and be in high spirits. Must never give matter what.

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