Monday, December 13, 2010


Pretty tired.....been working like crazy since morning.....non stop till now......

I really hope for things to get better next a lot of new plans in my head.....all ready to be implemented before year end.

Someone said something really sickening to me today......I already predicted it...anticipated too? Oh how I hate it when I'm right about something sometimes. Oh thing I'm certain of right now.....right at this that.....I don't want to be apart of that particular circle anymore. I might change my mind in future....who knows.....only time will tell. 

I think I'm getting more and more tired of people lying to me.....why won't they stop lying? Gosh...don't they get tired of lying? Don't they know that I can tell if they are lying? Please stop it......I've had enough. :(

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As Ahmad said...

i'm hoping for better next year also kak lin.. huhu~ felt emotionally n physically tired..

stay strong! ♥ Allah syg kita sebab tu Dia bg banyak ujian kan? :')

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Mungkin ada benarnya As....semakin diuji semakin kuat diri ini...insyaallah. Semakin berani menghadapi apa jua cabaran hidup.

Semoga tahun depan memberi lebih peluang yg baik buat kita semua.