Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! I had the opportunity last week to go to Pavillion during my stay in Kuala Lumpur. Took a few shots of the Christmas decorations there. Every year, Pavillion will always decorate their store with beautiful Christmas decorations. Personally I think last year's decoration was better than this year's but somehow they managed to come up with something special this time around. Something I didn't experience last year at the place. You wanna know what it is?? It's fake snow!! See them at the photo below!

Can you see it?? It's way up at the ceiling top.....the fake snow falls gently onto the ground but firstly lands on top of the heads of many people gathering under it. I didn't want to get that close and have fake snow all over my scarf and clothes hehehe.... :) I was lucky to have arrived at the place at the right time to witness it! If I had arrived later, I would have missed it.

Hundreds of people gathered there that night. It was so difficult to move around with so many people crowding the place. I was waiting for my friend to arrive but since she was super duper late, I got the chance to go around the place and took shots of the Christmas decorations there.

The decorations are very pretty no? I didn't get the chance to go view the other Christmas decorations at other departmental stores in KL.....but I did see the ones in Sogo, KL which was very pretty too! It's something that you don't get the chance to see here in Alor Setar. Not much of Christmas deco around here...hehe. Even if there was any, it's not as grand. :)

Have a merry merry Christmas to everyone out there who are celebrating! Especially to my followers here! Hope you guys have a great Christmas celebration with family and friends! Ho!Ho!Ho! :D  

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