Monday, December 27, 2010

Mee Udang Aur Gading

Mee Udang!!!!! Eh, got prawn behind the mee meh?? plenty of it actually hahaha. Big ones too! Gosh I can't remember when was the last time I ate prawns this big!! They are so big I tell ya! haha! Since I've been allergic to seafood for so long, I haven't been eating this type of prawn for a long long time.

I thought to myself......why not ya? Why not? It's not going to kill me anyways. It will probably make me itch just a bit. :P I don't eat prawns everyday anyways. I've just started taking them since I'm on my supplements lately. The supplements really helps in aiding my allergies. So, I can eat seafood and not get a very bad side effects from it. But I always remember not to overdose anything. Take anything in moderation.

Mee udang at Aur Gading, Sg.Dua, which is at Butterworth is quite good. I wouldn't say excellent though. But I would probably not go eat there again simply because I don't like how they serve the noodles. It's too soft for my liking. I think they overcooked it. But the prawns were fresh and tasty. The whole thing was quite I like it. I don't like it if it's too sweet.

I saw quite a number of restaurants there selling these prawn noodles.......didn't know which one was the best one to try. But my aunt and I were told that the one at Aur Gading is good, so we gave it a try. If you love seafood, then you should go and try it. They don't only sell prawn noodles, they also sell other seafood dishes there and the place is nearby a river. We should have ate by the river instead......would have been more special hehehe! 

I was so excited about eating the prawns that I forgot to take a photo of me eating it hahaha. Oh well! Was too psyched about it I guess. We had to wait a long time to get our food on the table. We were so hungry....huhuhu. Thank God it tasted nice. Oh! It's quite pricey too ya.....huhu. For 3 people plus the drinks, it costs us almost RM50.00! And it's all because of those giant prawns hahaha. :D

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AbGJaS said...

Hi Lin,
I always dream of eating 'udang mee' (udang with mee)instead of 'mee udang' hehe. I love eating mee with plenty of prawns, but at my place, it's hard to find one, the prawns are tiny tiny !

So Lin, save the best for last hehe..

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Hi Abg Jas...
hahaha....udang mee ye? Wow...that would be great! I heard there is such a dish in Taiping. A famous restaurant there sells "udang mee" like the one you dream of. You literally have to scoop off the prawns from your plate to find the mee hehehe! I haven't gone to check it out yet, perhaps next year I might get the chance to do so.

Wish I could post the big prawns to you...huhu...or perhaps, you can come over and we can have udang mee together :)