Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's not easy

Oh what a day it has been.....since morning till now.

Went to a few places get my supplements, some goodies from Pekan Rabu and also to the post office at Tesco. Finally I posted the package to my dear friend CC. She's been waiting for her cards that she ordered from me for the longest time and I'm so happy I get to post them to her today. Feels great!!! I really hope they arrive at her doorstep in New Mexico in good condition. I even registered the post so that I can track it if anything happens....just in case!! It's a big box.....cost me a lot as well for the I was pretty scared when handing it over to the clerk......I even recited some doas in my heart as I passed the box to him...hehehe! Hope all will be well :).

I was supposed to be on my way for my vacay today but things took a different turn and it's postponed till....................hehehe! Will blog about it when the time comes ;). I still have a few things to get done before I go for the vacay.....actually I got a lot of things to many plans. But I really need a break from work for a while. Seriously need a break! Soon, very soon......that day will come ;).

A lot of good things happened to me today.  I feel so much better as well too. Alhamdulillah I finally found some good supplements for myself.... a really good find.....a really good deal as well. Suits me too since I'm pretty much broke right now. I know some people may not find me amusing to them anymore since I'm broke, but it's ok.....I am not upset with them. It's their lost. They just lost a good friend. Too bad.

It's not easy to find good friends who will stick by us through good and sickness and in's a rare find these days, no? :I

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Anonymous said...

Friends who do not stick by us during bad times or when we do not have money are not considered friends.

They need to be discarded immediately.

We are our own best friends because, you are right, it is difficult to find such people whom we can call fiends.


Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Very true Barb...sad but true.