Monday, December 6, 2010

Goodbye Rose

Today is the day. I was surprised to be informed this morning that today is Rose's last day of working at our house. She didn't tell us anything about leaving to us when she came over to our house last week although she has been talking about leaving Malaysia for months now, we just didn't know when is the exact date. And suddenly today she just dropped the bombshell. I feel kinda sad to see her go. I knew she will be leaving us someday. I know she can't work here forever. It's not just the thought of losing a good maid like her that makes me's like losing a friend somehow or a sister. She is such a nice person. I just hope she will find something good to do to support herself when she goes back to her country.

I know she misses her Mom badly....and her family too. She hasn't seen them in 5 years.  That's a pretty long time to be away from family. 

I guess that's life. You can't hold on to something forever. Someday it has to go. Even we ourselves can't stay around forever.

Goodbye Rose......may you find happiness wherever you go.........

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