Friday, December 10, 2010

A better method

I realised something today about myself......and it's quite surprising really. And I never thought I would be so affected by it either. But at least now I know something new about myself and I feel good about it too. 

One thing I know for sure....communication is very important. Very very important. How you get the message across without leaving a negative effect on someone. I don't believe much in using forceful methods in conveying a message. Especially to kids. Perhaps because through my life experience as a young kid, I know that it didn't work much on me. I believe if my parents had used a different approach, things would have been so different for me.

It's sad that people prefer to use forceful methods because it's the only way they know how to get the message across. Even though they know it doesn't really work. Why not try talking......? Perhaps they just don't know how.  Or they just don't have the patience. Forceful methods seems like the fastest and most effective solution. Learning how to communicate is very crucial. I have much to learn about it myself. 

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