Thursday, December 23, 2010

Back home

Alhamdulillah.....I'm back at home this evening after spending a few days of my holidays in KL. I really needed the time off from work and go do new things elsewhere and get some new experiences. Plus, to spend some time with good company too :). That's a bliss!

I got the chance to go to a new craft store that I've been dying to visit for quite some time now in Kajang and finally with the help from a good friend I finally got there. It was great!! I'll be blogging about that at my card blog soon enough. There's just lots to share about that visit. Sigh...I felt like I just want to camp inside that craft store that day many things to look at and yet so little time to spend there. Hope to go there again one day.

I'm glad that during this trip I am feeling so much better....healthier I mean...otherwise I would be feeling so tired to the max after coming back from a holiday. That is usually the case before....but now no more. The supplement I'm taking now seems to be working so well for me. Can't seem to see myself without it now. I hope by next year, my allergies will be history and I can at least enjoy life better without them. In fact I'm already enjoying it now although I'm not fully recovered from it. For that I'm grateful. :)

I got a shock when I went to my aunt's house this morning and went up the stairs to her house which is on the 5th floor and I didn't even pant!! I was breathing normally and I could even talk after the climb! Years before, I would be grasping for air and could barely speak at all if I were to climb up the stairs that high. I was so amazed. It's fantastic!

Oh! Not forgetting the things I ate during this trip!! Wow....things that I have not eaten in years.....I got to eat them again.....and again......and again! LOL! Gosh....I feel so blessed now that I get to eat seafood again.....but only in small quantities now.....I'm trying not to go too crazy about it. I realise that I'm not fully cured yet so I must not go overboard. But I'm happy I get to eat them now. What a great gift that is :). that I'm home....all I can think about is how much of work that I have to get done. Orders to check and do. But I still want to play with my new toys that I got from the trip. Not sure if I have the time to play with it yet though. Oh! I must not forget the giveaways as well! It's the last one this year. And I haven't even started making any of it. 12....need to make twelve of them....oh boy oh boy oh boy!!

There were a few things that I managed to experience during this trip.....and I'll be sharing it here soon. Till then!! ;)

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