Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The vacation part 1

Arrived in KL this afternoon...... :). Got on the 9.00am bus this morning but the bus was late as  only around 9.30am did the bus start the journey. Had a really sleepy bus driver this time around. He almost hit the vehicles on the road a few times. I felt like my heart was going to pop whenever that happened. He must have been so tired. Poor guy. But it's dangerous you know. There could have been an accident. I kept reciting  a few doas all the way. Just to keep myself calm and to pray that we will all reach KL safely.

I've got a lot of things to do here while on vacation. Places to visit.....that will help me get inspired and art supplies that I've been wanting to get. There are some things that I can only get here in KL. This trip is actually one of those trips when I will try to get all sorts of things done at one time. Make it worth the trip so to speak hehehe.

Pretty tired not that well actually. But I had to come to KL anyways even though I don't feel so good. I hope I feel a whole lot better in a few days time before the quilling get together. I've got plans set for tomorrow already. It's one of those places I have not visited for a long long time now. It used to be my  favourite place to go whenever I feel uninspired or will always cheer me up. I wonder if there is any new changes there lately. Can't wait to see! :)

I can't believe I bumped into someone this afternoon at The Curve.....someone I knew from the past.....I'm not sure if he recognized me.....but he did looked at me. I did too....but.....was kinda shy to say Hi. It was so awkward. Funny thing is.....we were actually neighbours! Yup! He was my neighbour in Alor Setar  long long time ago hahahaha.....I'm sure now he is working in KL and is a permanent resident here too. Funny that I should bump into him after all these years.....can't help wonder why it happened......hmmmmm.....wonder what God is trying to tell me this time hehe.... 

By the way......the service at L'OCCITANE, The! Big time! I don't think I'll go there anytime soon. :(

Luckily my sister's place has internet connection. I can have access to the net easily here even though the speed is killing me heheheh! As long as I can check my etc etc.....that's good enough. :) Well....I better stop now and get some rest. Got a big day tomorrow :).
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