Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mosaic plant

Aren't they just so pretty and cute!!?? I adore them so much! I never knew that the mosaic plant actually have flowers! LOL! I don't think my Mom knew it either until we saw them blooming this morning. What a lovely sight to see. The plant has diamond shape leaves and they grow pretty well under the hot sun. When my Mom bought it a while back, it was only just a few of them.....and look at them now! They sure fill up the pot pretty fast. Soon we would have to move some of them into another pot so that it won't get too crowded.

I took a lot of photos of this plant hehehe.....can't help it. :D They look so nice....right now I sure wish I had a digital DSLR I know I can take better shots of the plant using that camera compared to my Sony Cybershot. Not sure if the flowers are seasonal though, I need to look it up in the net....but I sure hope it blooms all year round. :)
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Asma' Ahmad said...

waa!! cantiknye! dlm bhs kita, nama bunga ni apa kak lin? tengah² die tu sgt unik. 4 kelopak jek pulak tu. m sure you have lot more flower in your garden kan? isk, nk dtg la satu hr nanti :D

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Kak Lin pun tak tahu la As apa namanya dalam bahasa Melayu...huhuhu. Kena cari kat internet nih hehehe....Notice that the flower's petals are almost the same shape as the leaves as well? Cuma besar skit jer...kan?? Ha'ah...kat rumah Mak KLin nih ada macam2 jenis bunga...nanti KLin blog about them one by one hehehe... Datanglah Alor Setar...especially time ada buah rambutan..baru best! :D

sue mj said...

salam... tumpang tanya.. kat mana leh beli pokok ni ek? sy berkenan la dgn pokok nii :D

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

Waalaikumsalam Mom beli pokok ni kat nursery di Alor Setar ni....ada satu nursery kat Jalan Langgar, tapi tak ingat la nama nursery tu...huhu.