Saturday, September 18, 2010

All sorted out :)

I had a really good time this morning.....having breakfast at Restaurant Salam with my family and Aunty Noriah. Aunty Noriah belanja makan! Woooohooooo! Thank you so much Aunty! Free food! hahaha.... :D

I used to hate going to Restaurant Salam because the tosei and roti canai served there tasted lousy. The service used to be lousy as well. But surprisingly today it tasted really good! Usually my Mom and I would have our tosei at another place in town....but I don't like going there anymore. Service pretty lousy. Food is good though....but when the service is lousy.....sorry la ya.....we are forced to find a better place to eat in coz I don't want to stress myself unnecessarily over a lousy service hehehe......but I will definitely go and eat at Restaurant Salam again.....roti canai dia sedap sangat-sangat! So soft and fluffy... :) Makes me hungry every time I think about it...LOL! :D Thanks to Aunty Noriah, now we know a good place where we can eat tosei and roti canai's good that they have improved! :)

I spent a lot of my time today quilling flowers and etc for my giveaway cards and also for my new project. Thank God yesterday I learned something new from my fellow blogger, Asma', about separating the paper strips by it's color. Each color  paper strips placed in separate plastic casing. Gosh! That sure did made a lot of difference! I used to shred them up in all sorts of colors and toss them all in one big box. All jumbled up together.....looking so much like ROJAK! So I had to spend some time today working on organizing the mess I made with the shredded paper so that it looks more neat and in order. Thank God I did that.......coz now, it's super easy to work with all the colors separated like that. Quilling is a breeze now that everything is organized! hehe!

I am planning to fast tomorrow...."puasa 6". Was thinking of doing so a few days earlier but with all the guests keep coming to the house for raya.....I couldn't do it yet. So I hope to be able to do it starting tomorrow. As I am still in the fasting mode, I guess it's good to do the "puasa enam" now and not wait till the end of Syawal. Sometimes I forget that it's no longer Ramadhan....and I tend to not eat anything during the day because my brain is telling me that I'm still in the fasting month..hehehe......the weird thing is, I don't feel as hungry as I should be...I guess the body is still adjusting after one month of fasting. Well, we shall see how it goes :).

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Asma' Ahmad said...

yeay! im happy to hear you organize your quilling stuff, kak lin. i did a lot of research and experiment in quilling. supaya lebih enjoy sebab kalau asyek menggulung jek, naik bosan jadinye. ngaa :P will share with you more tips nanti ^^ nak tak? hee

Noor Azlina Abdul Samad K. said...

NAK! NAK! NAK!!!! hehehehe!! Thanks As! So kind of you! :)