Sunday, April 4, 2010

Brisk walking at the park....

I had a great time walking at the park yesterday......the air was so fresh in the morning. The trees were mostly in bloom....I could smell the flowers as I walked around the park. I love brisk walking.....compared to's less impact on my knees...less injury. I wasn't able to brisk walk there today because I had to cycle to the post office again this morning to do some deliveries of my handmade cards. This week is probably one of the busiest weeks ever.....I'm so damn exhausted....but I'm glad I'm still ok and I think it's because of the workouts I'm been doing so far. It helps to loosen out all my tired and aching body. :)

I can't help but feel so grateful being here in Alor Setar right now. I never thought that I would feel so happy here. As I walked I thought of how much this park meant to me and my family. A lot of great memories here. It was our playground. We used to love hanging out here. We had picnics there....we even played puzzles there before. It was a fun and relaxing place to be where we can chill. There was a roller skating area there long long time ago before they built Wisma Darul Aman there. I was so angry about that. It just ruined the park. I hope they won't build anymore buildings there and spoil the park.

Lately it's been raining here every afternoons and evenings. So the park is cool and nice in the morning.  That  is just bliss for me. I'm sure it is for so many people there as well who spent most of their morning there working out and releasing their everyday stresses. I even met my ex Art and English teacher there yesterday. They are still fit at their age......and I saw my ex Art teacher with her friends dancing together in a group to an Indian was so interesting that I had to stop walking for a while and enjoy the moment. The dancing steps seems quite complicated to follow hihihihi.....their group leader was a Chinese guy and the group itself comprises of mainly Chinese people and yet they were dancing to an Indian song....that was a really interesting thing to watch. It is not always I get to see this scenario. And I know for a fact that this group would go and eat tosei every now and then after their morning workout. I guess Indian food is really something that we all have come to love and acknowledge. I love it for as long as I can remember.....hihihi...and how can I not since I'm half Indian myself! LOL!

I think I'm going to continue whenever I can to walk there in the morning. I'm even thinking of joining those aerobic groups hihihihi.......It's just too good to miss. I felt bad because I had to miss it this morning, but I still managed to cycle a few rounds there after my ride to the post office. I can't explain how great a feeling it is after every workout. I guess it's true what they say......exercising does make you happy! :)
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