Monday, April 5, 2010

To eat or not to eat....that is the question..

Lately I've tried not to eat before my workout.....and I find that I experienced some difficulty in working out if I don't eat anything.  I feel that just taking plain water or Anlene chocolate is simply not enough for me to do any brisk walking or cycling. Of course I can do still do it and complete the rounds but I will be finding it so hard doing so and will be extremely exhausted after that. So I decided I have to eat just a little bit before each workout. Just a little....just enough for me to get me going. 

What I did was I just took Anlene chocolate with just 1 or 2 whole wheat crackers. That is just about enough for me. I myself can't eat that much so early in the morning anyways. So it was just nice for me! I experiment on quite a few types of food to eat before workout and so far I think this is the fastest and easiest and what I'm most comfortable with. I've also tried taking those 3 in 1 Nesvita or Oats.....those are quite good as well. Whatever it is at least now I know what works for me. Some people can do the workouts without food if they don't have any serious health problems. But for people like me, I don't think I can....because I've tested myself several times and it is a problem for me. I do worry if I suddenly blackout you know in the middle of a's possible. So I just do what works for me.

I'm really enjoying the workouts so far.......the cycling especially. It just thrills me like no other. :)
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